Class CommandLineSupport

  extended by

public class CommandLineSupport
extends Object

Support utility that can be used to set the properties on any object using command line arguments.

Hiram Chirino

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static String[] setOptions(Object target, String[] args)
          Sets the properties of an object given the command line args.
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Constructor Detail


public CommandLineSupport()
Method Detail


public static String[] setOptions(Object target,
                                  String[] args)
Sets the properties of an object given the command line args. if args contains: --ack-mode=AUTO --url=tcp://localhost:61616 --persistent then it will try to call the following setters on the target object. target.setAckMode("AUTO"); target.setURL(new URI("tcp://localhost:61616") ); target.setPersistent(true); Notice the the proper conversion for the argument is determined by examining the setter argument type.

target - the object that will have it's properties set
args - the command line options
any arguments that are not valid options for the target

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