Interface Summary
Sequence.Closure<T extends Throwable>  

Class Summary
BytesMarshaller Implementation of a Marshaller for byte arrays
CommandLineSupport Support utility that can be used to set the properties on any object using command line arguments.
DataByteArrayInputStream Optimized ByteArrayInputStream that can be used more than once
DataByteArrayOutputStream Optimized ByteArrayOutputStream
DiskBenchmark This class is used to get a benchmark the raw disk performance.
IntegerMarshaller Implementation of a Marshaller for a Integer
LinkedNode<T extends LinkedNode<T>> Provides a base class for you to extend when you want object to maintain a doubly linked list to other objects without using a collection class.
LinkedNodeList<T extends LinkedNode<T>> Provides a list of LinkedNode objects.
LongMarshaller Implementation of a Marshaller for a Long
ObjectMarshaller Implementation of a Marshaller for Objects
SchedulerTimerTask A TimeTask for a Runnable object
Sequence Represents a range of numbers.
SequenceSet Keeps track of a added long values.
StringMarshaller Implementation of a Marshaller for Strings
VariableMarshaller<T> Convenience base class for Marshaller implementations which do not deepCopy and which use variable size encodings.

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