Package org.apache.activemq.transport.mqtt

A Broker side implementation of the MQTT 3.1 protocol - see


Interface Summary
MQTTTransport Basic interface that mediates between protocol converter and transport

Class Summary
MQTTNIOTransport An implementation of the Transport interface for using MQTT over NIO
MQTTNIOTransportFactory A MQTT over NIO transport factory
MQTTSslTransportFactory A MQTT over SSL transport factory
MQTTTransportFactory A MQTT transport factory
MQTTTransportFilter The MQTTTransportFilter normally sits on top of a TcpTransport that has been configured with the StompWireFormat and is used to convert MQTT commands to ActiveMQ commands.
MQTTWireFormat Implements marshalling and unmarsalling the MQTT protocol.
MQTTWireFormatFactory Creates WireFormat objects that marshalls the Stomp protocol.

Exception Summary

Package org.apache.activemq.transport.mqtt Description

A Broker side implementation of the MQTT 3.1 protocol - see

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