Package org.apache.activemq.transport.tcp

TCP/IP based Transport implementation.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
QualityOfServiceUtils Utilities for determining the values for the bits in the headers of the outgoing TCP/IP packets that indicate Traffic Class for use in Quality of Service forwarding policies.
ResponseHolder ResponseHolder utility
SslTransport A Transport class that uses SSL and client-side certificate authentication.
SslTransportFactory An implementation of the TcpTransportFactory using SSL.
SslTransportServer An SSL TransportServer.
TcpBufferedInputStream An optimized buffered input stream for Tcp
TcpBufferedOutputStream An optimized buffered outputstream for Tcp
TcpTransport An implementation of the Transport interface using raw tcp/ip
TcpTransportServer A TCP based implementation of TransportServer

Exception Summary
ExceededMaximumConnectionsException Thrown to indicate that the TcpTransportServer.maximumConnections property has been exceeded.

Package org.apache.activemq.transport.tcp Description

TCP/IP based Transport implementation.

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