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Packages that use WebConsoleConfiguration
org.apache.activemq.web Web Connectors so that messages can be sent via HTTP POST or read via HTTP POST or GET as well as support for web streaming to web browser or JavaScript clients. 

Uses of WebConsoleConfiguration in org.apache.activemq.web

Methods in org.apache.activemq.web that return WebConsoleConfiguration
 WebConsoleConfiguration RemoteJMXBrokerFacade.getConfiguration()

Methods in org.apache.activemq.web with parameters of type WebConsoleConfiguration
 void RemoteJMXBrokerFacade.setConfiguration(WebConsoleConfiguration configuration)

Uses of WebConsoleConfiguration in org.apache.activemq.web.config

Classes in org.apache.activemq.web.config that implement WebConsoleConfiguration
 class AbstractConfiguration
          Base class for configurations.
 class JNDIConfiguration
          Configuration based on JNDI values.
 class OsgiConfiguration
 class SystemPropertiesConfiguration
          Configuration based on system-properties.

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