Class UserIDBroker

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All Implemented Interfaces:
Broker, Region, Service

public class UserIDBroker
extends BrokerFilter

This broker filter will append the producer's user ID into the JMSXUserID header to allow folks to know reliably who the user was who produced a message. Note that you cannot trust the client, especially if working over the internet as they can spoof headers to be anything they like.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
UserIDBroker(Broker next)
Method Summary
 boolean isUseAuthenticatePrincipal()
 void send(ProducerBrokerExchange producerExchange, Message messageSend)
          Send a message to the broker to using the specified destination.
 void setUseAuthenticatePrincipal(boolean useAuthenticatePrincipal)
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Constructor Detail


public UserIDBroker(Broker next)
Method Detail


public void send(ProducerBrokerExchange producerExchange,
                 Message messageSend)
          throws Exception
Description copied from interface: Region
Send a message to the broker to using the specified destination. The destination specified in the message does not need to match the destination the message is sent to. This is handy in case the message is being sent to a dead letter destination.

Specified by:
send in interface Region
send in class BrokerFilter
producerExchange - the environment the operation is being executed under.
Exception - TODO


public boolean isUseAuthenticatePrincipal()


public void setUseAuthenticatePrincipal(boolean useAuthenticatePrincipal)

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