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Packages that use ActiveMQDispatcher
org.apache.activemq The core JMS client API implementation classes. 

Uses of ActiveMQDispatcher in org.apache.activemq

Classes in org.apache.activemq that implement ActiveMQDispatcher
 class ActiveMQConnectionConsumer
          For application servers, Connection objects provide a special facility for creating a ConnectionConsumer (optional).
 class ActiveMQInputStream
 class ActiveMQMessageConsumer
          A client uses a MessageConsumer object to receive messages from a destination.
 class ActiveMQQueueReceiver
          A client uses a QueueReceiver object to receive messages that have been delivered to a queue.
 class ActiveMQSession
           A Session object is a single-threaded context for producing and consuming messages.
 class ActiveMQTopicSubscriber
          A client uses a TopicSubscriber object to receive messages that have been published to a topic.
 class ActiveMQXASession
          The XASession interface extends the capability of Session by adding access to a JMS provider's support for the Java Transaction API (JTA) (optional).
 class AdvisoryConsumer

Methods in org.apache.activemq with parameters of type ActiveMQDispatcher
 void ActiveMQConnection.addDispatcher(ConsumerId consumerId, ActiveMQDispatcher dispatcher)
protected  boolean ActiveMQConnection.isDuplicate(ActiveMQDispatcher dispatcher, Message message)
 void ActiveMQSession.redispatch(ActiveMQDispatcher dispatcher, MessageDispatchChannel unconsumedMessages)
protected  void ActiveMQConnection.removeDispatcher(ActiveMQDispatcher dispatcher)
protected  void ActiveMQConnection.rollbackDuplicate(ActiveMQDispatcher dispatcher, Message message)

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