Package org.apache.activemq.filter

Filter implementations for wildcards & JMS selectors


Interface Summary
BooleanExpression A BooleanExpression is an expression that always produces a Boolean result.
DestinationNode Represents a node in the DestinationMap tree
Expression Represents an expression

Class Summary
AnyChildDestinationNode An implementation of DestinationNode which navigates all the children of the given node ignoring the name of the current path (so for navigating using * in a wildcard).
ArithmeticExpression An expression which performs an operation on two expression values
BinaryExpression An expression which performs an operation on two expression values.
BooleanFunctionCallExpr Function call expression that evaluates to a boolean value.
ComparisonExpression A filter performing a comparison of two objects
CompositeDestinationFilter A DestinationFilter used for composite destinations
ConstantExpression Represents a constant expression
DefaultDestinationMapEntry A default entry in a DestinationMap which holds a single value.
DestinationFilter Represents a filter which only operates on Destinations
DestinationMap A Map-like data structure allowing values to be indexed by ActiveMQDestination and retrieved by destination - supporting both * and > style of wildcard as well as composite destinations.
DestinationMapEntry<T> A base class for entry objects used to construct a destination based policy map.
DestinationMapNode An implementation class used to implement DestinationMap
DestinationPath Helper class for decomposing a Destination into a number of paths
FunctionCallExpression Function call expression for use in selector expressions.
FunctionCallExpression.functionRegistration Maintain a single function registration.
LogicExpression A filter performing a comparison of two objects
MessageEvaluationContext MessageEvaluationContext is used to cache selection results.
MultiExpressionEvaluator A MultiExpressionEvaluator is used to evaluate multiple expressions in single method call.
NonCachedMessageEvaluationContext NonCached version of the MessageEvaluationContext
PrefixDestinationFilter Matches messages which match a prefix like "A.B.>"
PropertyExpression Represents a property expression
SimpleDestinationFilter Matches messages sent to an exact destination
UnaryExpression An expression which performs an operation on two expression values
WildcardDestinationFilter Matches messages which contain wildcards like "A.B.*.*"
XPathExpression Used to evaluate an XPath Expression in a JMS selector.
XQueryExpression Used to evaluate an XQuery Expression in a JMS selector.

Exception Summary
FunctionCallExpression.invalidFunctionExpressionException Exception indicating that an invalid function call expression was created, usually by the selector parser.

Package org.apache.activemq.filter Description

Filter implementations for wildcards & JMS selectors

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