Package org.apache.activemq

The core JMS client API implementation classes.


Interface Summary
BlobMessage Represents a message which has a typically out of band Binary Large Object (BLOB)
ClientInternalExceptionListener An exception listener similar to the standard javax.jms.ExceptionListener which can be used by client code to be notified of exceptions thrown by container components (e.g.
Closeable Provides a uniform interface that can be used to close all the JMS obejcts that provide a close() method.
CustomDestination Represents a hook to allow the support of custom destinations such as to support Apache Camel to create and manage endpoints
EnhancedConnection A set of enhanced APIs for a JMS provider
Message Represents the JMS extension methods in Apache ActiveMQ
MessageAvailableConsumer An extended JMS interface that adds the ability to be notified when a message is available for consumption using the receive*() methods which is useful in Ajax style subscription models.
MessageAvailableListener A listener which is notified if a message is available for processing via the receive methods.
MessageTransformer A plugin strategy for transforming a message before it is sent by the JMS client or before it is dispatched to the JMS consumer
Service The core lifecyle interface for ActiveMQ components.
StreamConnection The StreamConnection interface allows you to send and receive data from a Destination in using standard java InputStream and OutputStream objects.
ThreadPriorities A holder for different thread priorites used in ActiveMQ

Class Summary
ActiveMQConnectionConsumer For application servers, Connection objects provide a special facility for creating a ConnectionConsumer (optional).
ActiveMQConnectionFactory A ConnectionFactory is an an Administered object, and is used for creating Connections.
ActiveMQConnectionMetaData A ConnectionMetaData object provides information describing the Connection object.
ActiveMQMessageAudit Provides basic audit functions for Messages
ActiveMQMessageAuditNoSync Provides basic audit functions for Messages without sync
ActiveMQMessageConsumer A client uses a MessageConsumer object to receive messages from a destination.
ActiveMQMessageProducer A client uses a MessageProducer object to send messages to a destination.
ActiveMQMessageProducerSupport A useful base class for implementing a MessageProducer
ActiveMQMessageTransformation A helper class for converting normal JMS interfaces into ActiveMQ specific ones.
ActiveMQPrefetchPolicy Defines the prefetch message policies for different types of consumers
ActiveMQQueueBrowser A client uses a QueueBrowser object to look at messages on a queue without removing them.
ActiveMQQueueReceiver A client uses a QueueReceiver object to receive messages that have been delivered to a queue.
ActiveMQQueueSender A client uses a QueueSender object to send messages to a queue.
ActiveMQQueueSession A QueueSession implementation that throws IllegalStateExceptions when Topic operations are attempted but which delegates to another QueueSession for all other operations.
ActiveMQSession A Session object is a single-threaded context for producing and consuming messages.
ActiveMQSessionExecutor A utility class used by the Session for dispatching messages asynchronously to consumers
ActiveMQSslConnectionFactory An ActiveMQConnectionFactory that allows access to the key and trust managers used for SslConnections.
ActiveMQTopicPublisher A client uses a TopicPublisher object to publish messages on a topic.
ActiveMQTopicSession A TopicSession implementation that throws IllegalStateExceptions when Queue operations are attempted but which delegates to another TopicSession for all other operations.
ActiveMQTopicSubscriber A client uses a TopicSubscriber object to receive messages that have been published to a topic.
ActiveMQXAConnection The XAConnection interface extends the capability of Connection by providing an XASession (optional).
ActiveMQXAConnectionFactory A factory of XAConnection instances
ActiveMQXASession The XASession interface extends the capability of Session by adding access to a JMS provider's support for the Java Transaction API (JTA) (optional).
MessageTransformerSupport A useful base class for message transformers.
RedeliveryPolicy Configuration options for a messageConsumer used to control how messages are re-delivered when they are rolled back.
TransactionContext A TransactionContext provides the means to control a JMS transaction.

Exception Summary
AlreadyClosedException An exception which is closed if you try to access a resource which has already been closed
ConfigurationException An exception thrown when a service is not correctly configured
ConnectionClosedException An exception thrown when attempt is made to use a connection when the connection has been closed.
ConnectionFailedException An exception thrown when the a connection failure is detected (peer might close the connection, or a keep alive times out, etc.)
DestinationDoesNotExistException An exception thrown on a send if a destination does not exist.
NotStartedException An exception thrown when an operation is invoked on a service which has not yet been started.

Package org.apache.activemq Description

The core JMS client API implementation classes.

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