Class BTreeVisitor.LTVisitor<Key extends Comparable<Key>,Value>

  extended by<Key,Value>
      extended by<Key,Value>
All Implemented Interfaces:
BTreeVisitor<Key,Value>, BTreeVisitor.Predicate<Key>
Enclosing interface:

public static class BTreeVisitor.LTVisitor<Key extends Comparable<Key>,Value>
extends BTreeVisitor.PredicateVisitor<Key,Value>

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface
BTreeVisitor.AndVisitor<Key,Value>, BTreeVisitor.BetweenVisitor<Key extends Comparable<Key>,Value>, BTreeVisitor.GTEVisitor<Key extends Comparable<Key>,Value>, BTreeVisitor.GTVisitor<Key extends Comparable<Key>,Value>, BTreeVisitor.LTEVisitor<Key extends Comparable<Key>,Value>, BTreeVisitor.LTVisitor<Key extends Comparable<Key>,Value>, BTreeVisitor.OrVisitor<Key,Value>, BTreeVisitor.Predicate<Key>, BTreeVisitor.PredicateVisitor<Key,Value>
Constructor Summary
BTreeVisitor.LTVisitor(Key value)
Method Summary
 boolean isInterestedInKey(Key key)
 boolean isInterestedInKeysBetween(Key first, Key second)
          Do you want to visit the range of BTree entries between the first and and second key?
 String toString()
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matched, visit
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Constructor Detail


public BTreeVisitor.LTVisitor(Key value)
Method Detail


public boolean isInterestedInKeysBetween(Key first,
                                         Key second)
Description copied from interface: BTreeVisitor
Do you want to visit the range of BTree entries between the first and and second key?

first - if null indicates the range of values before the second key.
second - if null indicates the range of values after the first key.
true if you want to visit the values between the first and second key.


public boolean isInterestedInKey(Key key)


public String toString()
toString in class Object

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