Interface Summary
BTreeIndex.Prefixer<Key> Interface used to determine the simple prefix of two keys.
BTreeVisitor<Key,Value> Interface used to selectively visit the entries in a BTree.
Index<Key,Value> Simpler than a Map

Class Summary
BTreeIndex<Key,Value> BTreeIndex represents a Variable Magnitude B+Tree in a Page File.
BTreeIndex.StringPrefixer StringPrefixer is a Prefixer implementation that works on strings.
BTreeNode<Key,Value> The BTreeNode class represents a node in the BTree object graph.
BTreeNode.Marshaller<Key,Value> The Marshaller is used to store and load the data in the BTreeNode into a Page.
BTreeVisitor.BetweenVisitor<Key extends Comparable<Key>,Value>  
BTreeVisitor.GTEVisitor<Key extends Comparable<Key>,Value>  
BTreeVisitor.GTVisitor<Key extends Comparable<Key>,Value>  
BTreeVisitor.LTEVisitor<Key extends Comparable<Key>,Value>  
BTreeVisitor.LTVisitor<Key extends Comparable<Key>,Value>  
HashIndex<Key,Value> BTree implementation
ListNode<Key,Value> The ListNode class represents a node in the List object graph.
ListNode.NodeMarshaller<Key,Value> The Marshaller is used to store and load the data in the ListNode into a Page.

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