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Packages that use LinkedNodeList journal based data storage - scalable and fast   

Uses of LinkedNodeList in

Fields in declared as LinkedNodeList
protected  LinkedNodeList<DataFile> Journal.dataFiles

Uses of LinkedNodeList in

Subclasses of LinkedNodeList in
 class SequenceSet
          Keeps track of a added long values.

Fields in declared as LinkedNodeList
protected  LinkedNodeList<T> LinkedNode.list

Methods in that return LinkedNodeList
 LinkedNodeList<T> LinkedNode.getList()
 LinkedNodeList<T> LinkedNode.splitAfter()
          Splits the list into 2 lists.
 LinkedNodeList<T> LinkedNode.splitBefore()
          Splits the list into 2 lists.

Methods in with parameters of type LinkedNodeList
 void LinkedNodeList.addFirst(LinkedNodeList<T> list)
 void LinkedNodeList.addLast(LinkedNodeList<T> list)
 void LinkedNode.linkAfter(LinkedNodeList<T> rightList)
 void LinkedNode.linkBefore(LinkedNodeList<T> leftList)
 void LinkedNode.linkToHead(LinkedNodeList<T> target)
 void LinkedNode.linkToTail(LinkedNodeList<T> target)
 T LinkedNodeList.reparent(LinkedNodeList<T> list)

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