Some application servers provide support for use in a .NET transactions (optional). To include NMS API transactions in a MSDTC transaction, an application server requires a .NET Transaction aware NMS provider that is capable of mapping the MSDTC transaction model into operations that are supported by the application server. An NMS provider exposes its .NET Transaction support using an INetTxConnectionFactory object, which an application server uses to create INetTxConnection objects. The INetTxConnectionFactory interface is optional. NMS providers are not required to support this interface. This interface is for use by NMS providers to support transactional environments.

Namespace:  Apache.NMS
Assembly:  Apache.NMS (in Apache.NMS.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Interface INetTxConnectionFactory _
	Inherits IConnectionFactory
public interface INetTxConnectionFactory : IConnectionFactory
Visual C++
public interface class INetTxConnectionFactory : IConnectionFactory
Apache.NMS.INetTxConnectionFactory = function();

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