A delegate that a client can register that will be called each time a Producer's send method is called to allow the client to Transform a sent message from one type to another, StreamMessage to TextMessage, ObjectMessage to TextMessage containing XML, etc. This allows a client to create a producer that will automatically transform a message to a type that some receiving client is capable of processing or adding additional information to a sent message such as additional message headers, etc. For messages that do not need to be processed the client should return null from this method, in this case the original message will be sent.

Namespace:  Apache.NMS
Assembly:  Apache.NMS (in Apache.NMS.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Delegate Function ProducerTransformerDelegate ( _
	session As ISession, _
	producer As IMessageProducer, _
	message As IMessage _
) As IMessage
public delegate IMessage ProducerTransformerDelegate(
	ISession session,
	IMessageProducer producer,
	IMessage message
Visual C++
public delegate IMessage^ ProducerTransformerDelegate(
	ISession^ session, 
	IMessageProducer^ producer, 
	IMessage^ message
function(session, producer, message);

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