This documentation only applies when the Stomp client is connected to an ActiveMQ Broker v5.4 and above.

ActiveMQ from version 5.4 has an optional persistent scheduler built into the ActiveMQ message broker. It is enabled by setting the broker schedulerSupport attribute to true in the xml configuration.
An ActiveMQ client can take advantage of a delayed delivery by using the following message properties:

Property name





The time in milliseconds that a message will wait before being scheduled to be delivered by the broker



The time in milliseconds to wait after the start time to wait before scheduling the message again



The number of times to repeat scheduling a message for delivery



Use a Cron entry to set the schedule

For example, to have a message scheduled for delivery in 60 seconds - you would need to set the AMQ_SCHEDULED_DELAY property:

You can set a message to wait with an initial delay, and the repeat delivery 10 times, waiting 10 seconds between each re-delivery:

You can also use CRON to schedule a message, for example, if you want a message scheduled to be delivered every hour, you would need to set the CRON entry to be - 0 * * * * - e.g.

CRON scheduling takes priority over using message delay - however, if a repeat and period is set with a CRON entry, the ActiveMQ scheduler will schedule delivery of the message for every time the CRON entry fires. Easier to explain with an example. Supposing that you want a message to be delivered 10 times, with a one second delay between each message - and you wanted this to happen every hour - you'd do this:

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