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This page lists who we are. By all means add yourself to the list - lets sort it in alphabetical order


“A committer is a developer that was given write access to the code repository and has a signed Contributor License Agreement (CLA) on file. They have an mail address. Not needing to depend on other people for the patches, they are actually making short-term decisions for the project. The PMC can (even tacitly) agree and approve it into permanency, or they can reject it. Remember that the PMC makes the decisions, not the individual people.” – from How the ASF works

Name ID Organisation
Aaron Mulder ammulder Chariot Solutions
Adrian Co aco  
Alan D. Cabrera maguro  
Arthur Naseef artnaseef Savoir Technologies
Brian McCallister brianm Ning
Bruce Snyder bsnyder SpringSource
Charles Moulliard cmoulliard Red Hat
Christopher Shannon cshannon  
Christian Posta ceposta Red Hat
Claus Ibsen davsclaus Red Hat
Colin MacNaughton cmacnaug  
Dejan Bosanac dejanb Red Hat
Dag Liodden daggerrz Giant Leap Technologies
Dain Sundstrom dain  
Darwin Flores dflores  
David Jencks djencks IBM
Dennis Cook dcook BeVocal
Frederick Oconer foconer  
Gary Tully gtully Red Hat
Geir Magnusson Jr. geir  
Greg Wilkins gregw MortBay
Guillaume Nodet gnodet Red Hat
Hadrian Zbarcea hadrian Talend
Hiram Chirino chirino Red Hat
Jacek Laskowski jlaskowski  
James Strachan jstrachan Red Hat
Jason van Zyl jason  
Jean-Baptiste Onofré jbonofre Talend
Jeff Genender jgenender Savoir Technologies
Jim Gomes jgomes  
Joe Walnes joe Google
Jonas Lim jlim  
Jonathan Anstey janstey Red Hat
Joseph Gapuz jgapuz  
Matt Pavlovich mattrpav Media Driver
Max Kington mkington BetFair
Merwin Yap myap  
Michael Gaffney mgaffney BoxTone
Nathan Mittler nmittler  
Nicky Sandhu nsandhu  
Patrick Villacorta pvillacorta  
Peter Brooke pbrooke Prepulse
Ramzi Saba rsaba Optaros
Rob Davies rajdavies Red Hat
Roman Kalukiewicz romkal  
Tatu Saloranta cowtowncoder  
Timothy Bish tabish Red Hat
Willem Jiang ningjiang Red Hat
William Tam wtam  
Marc Schöchlin mschoechlin  


“A developer is a user who contributes to a project in the form of code or documentation. They take extra steps to participate in a project, are active on the developer mailing list, participate in discussions, provide patches, documentation, suggestions, and criticism. Developers are also known as contributors.” – from How the ASF works

Name Organisation
Aaron Crickenberger  
Al Maw  
Aleksi Kallio  
Alex Dean IPS Meteostar
Andrew Deason  
Andy Depue  
Axel Hohaus  
Arjan Moraal  
Barry Kaplan  
Bennet Schulz codecentric
Brian Diesenhaus  
Brian Guan  
Brian D. Johnson  
Brian Madigan  
Bryan Schmidt  
Chris Kingsbury TradingScreen
Christopher G. Stach II  
Charles Anthony  
Charles Moulliard Xpectis
Claus Ibsen  
Dennis Byrne Thoughtworks
Erik Onnen  
Gert Vanthienen  
Glen Klyuzner Tullib
Hakan Guleryuz ASPone
Jakub Korab Ameliant
James Chamberlain  
James Zhang  
Jamie McCrindle  
Jason Anderson  
Jason Carreira  
Jason Sherman  
Jérôme Delagnes  
Jeff Sparkes  
Jeff Lansing SYS Technologies
Jeremy Volkman  
Joe Fernandez Red Hat
John Heitmann  
Juraj Tomasov  
Kevin Ross  
Leo Pechersky  
Li Ma  
Marco Buss product + concept
Marco Luebcke  
Mark Bucayan  
Mark Frazier Savoir Technologies
Mark Timmings  
Mario Siegenthaler  
Martin Krasser  
Mats Henricson  
Matt Hoffman  
Matthew Vincent  
Mathew Kuppe 360 Treasury Systems
Mike Perham  
Neil Clayton Royal Bank of Scotland
Neil Thorne  
Nick Reid Evolution
Niklas Gustavsson  
Ning Li  
Noah Nordrum  
Oliver Belikan  
Ozgur Cetinturk  
Paul Smith  
Paul Wai  
Pawel Tucholski  
Peter Henning  
Przemyslaw Budzik  
Radek Sedmak  
Robin Roos Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
Robert Liguori STG Technologies, Inc.
Ross Mason  
Sami Dalouche  
Sanjiv Jivan  
Steven Marcus  
Taylor Gautier  
Thomas Heller  
Trevor Pounds  


We welcome contributions, please do come and join the fun.

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