Interface ClientSession.AddressQuery

    • Method Detail

      • isExists

        boolean isExists()
        Returns true if the binding exists, false else.
      • getQueueNames

        List<SimpleString> getQueueNames()
        Returns the names of the queues bound to the binding.
      • isAutoCreateQueues

        boolean isAutoCreateQueues()
        Returns true if auto-queue-creation for this address is enabled, false else.
      • isAutoCreateAddresses

        boolean isAutoCreateAddresses()
        Returns true if auto-address-creation for this address is enabled, false else.
      • isDefaultPurgeOnNoConsumers

        boolean isDefaultPurgeOnNoConsumers()
      • getDefaultMaxConsumers

        int getDefaultMaxConsumers()
      • isDefaultLastValueQueue

        Boolean isDefaultLastValueQueue()
      • isDefaultExclusive

        Boolean isDefaultExclusive()
      • getDefaultLastValueKey

        SimpleString getDefaultLastValueKey()
      • isDefaultNonDestructive

        Boolean isDefaultNonDestructive()
      • getDefaultConsumersBeforeDispatch

        Integer getDefaultConsumersBeforeDispatch()
      • getDefaultDelayBeforeDispatch

        Long getDefaultDelayBeforeDispatch()
      • isSupportsMulticast

        boolean isSupportsMulticast()
      • isSupportsAnycast

        boolean isSupportsAnycast()