Interface ClientSession.QueueQuery

    • Method Detail

      • isExists

        boolean isExists()
        Returns true if the queue exists, false else.
      • isTemporary

        boolean isTemporary()
        Return true if the queue is temporary, false else.
      • isDurable

        boolean isDurable()
        Returns true if the queue is durable, false else.
      • isAutoCreateQueues

        boolean isAutoCreateQueues()
        Returns true if auto-creation for this queue is enabled and if the queue queried is a JMS queue, false else.
      • getConsumerCount

        int getConsumerCount()
        Returns the number of consumers attached to the queue.
      • getMessageCount

        long getMessageCount()
        Returns the number of messages in the queue.
      • getFilterString

        SimpleString getFilterString()
        Returns the queue's filter string (or null if the queue has no filter).
      • getAddress

        SimpleString getAddress()
        Returns the address that the queue is bound to.
      • getName

        SimpleString getName()
        Return the name of the queue
      • getMaxConsumers

        int getMaxConsumers()
      • isPurgeOnNoConsumers

        boolean isPurgeOnNoConsumers()
      • isAutoCreated

        boolean isAutoCreated()
      • isExclusive

        Boolean isExclusive()
      • isLastValue

        Boolean isLastValue()
      • isNonDestructive

        Boolean isNonDestructive()
      • getConsumersBeforeDispatch

        Integer getConsumersBeforeDispatch()
      • getDelayBeforeDispatch

        Long getDelayBeforeDispatch()
      • getDefaultConsumerWindowSize

        Integer getDefaultConsumerWindowSize()
      • isGroupRebalance

        Boolean isGroupRebalance()
      • isGroupRebalancePauseDispatch

        Boolean isGroupRebalancePauseDispatch()
      • getGroupBuckets

        Integer getGroupBuckets()
      • isAutoDelete

        Boolean isAutoDelete()
      • getAutoDeleteDelay

        Long getAutoDeleteDelay()
      • getAutoDeleteMessageCount

        Long getAutoDeleteMessageCount()
      • getRingSize

        Long getRingSize()
      • isConfigurationManaged

        Boolean isConfigurationManaged()