Interface DivertControl

  • public interface DivertControl
    A DivertControl is used to manage a divert.
    • Method Detail

      • getFilter

        String getFilter()
        Returns the filter used by this divert.
      • isExclusive

        boolean isExclusive()
        Returns whether this divert is exclusive.
        if true messages will be exclusively diverted and will not be routed to the origin address, else messages will be routed both to the origin address and the forwarding address.
      • getUniqueName

        String getUniqueName()
        Returns the cluster-wide unique name of this divert.
      • getRoutingName

        String getRoutingName()
        Returns the routing name of this divert.
      • getAddress

        String getAddress()
        Returns the origin address used by this divert.
      • getForwardingAddress

        String getForwardingAddress()
        Returns the forwarding address used by this divert.
      • getTransformerClassName

        String getTransformerClassName()
        Return the name of the org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server.cluster.Transformer implementation associated with this divert.
      • getTransformerPropertiesAsJSON

        String getTransformerPropertiesAsJSON()
        Returns a map of the properties configured for the transformer.
      • getTransformerProperties

        Map<String,​String> getTransformerProperties()
                                                   throws Exception
        Returns a map of the properties configured for the transformer.
      • getRoutingType

        String getRoutingType()
        Returns the routing type used by this divert.
      • isRetroactiveResource

        boolean isRetroactiveResource()