Class TextFileCertificateLoginModule

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    LoginModule, AuditLoginModule

    public class TextFileCertificateLoginModule
    extends CertificateLoginModule
    A LoginModule allowing for SSL certificate based authentication based on Distinguished Names (DN) stored in text files. The DNs are parsed using a Properties class where each line is <user_name>=<user_DN>. This class also uses a group definition file where each line is <role_name>=<user_name_1>,<user_name_2>,etc. The user and role files' locations must be specified in the org.apache.activemq.jaas.textfiledn.user and org.apache.activemq.jaas.textfiledn.role properties respectively. NOTE: This class will re-read user and group files if they have been modified and the "reload" option is true
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      • TextFileCertificateLoginModule

        public TextFileCertificateLoginModule()