Scheduled messages differ from normal messages in that they won’t be delivered until a specified time in the future, at the earliest.

To do this, a special property is set on the message before sending it.

1. Scheduled Delivery Property

The property name used to identify a scheduled message is "_AMQ_SCHED_DELIVERY" (or the constant Message.HDR_SCHEDULED_DELIVERY_TIME).

The specified value must be a positive long corresponding to the time the message must be delivered (in milliseconds). An example of sending a scheduled message using the JMS API is as follows.

TextMessage message = session.createTextMessage("This is a scheduled message message which will be delivered in 5 sec.");
message.setLongProperty("_AMQ_SCHED_DELIVERY", System.currentTimeMillis() + 5000);


// message will not be received immediately but 5 seconds later
TextMessage messageReceived = (TextMessage) consumer.receive();

Scheduled messages can also be sent using the core API, by setting the same property on the core message before sending.

2. Example

See the Scheduled Message Example which shows how scheduled messages can be used with JMS.