Release report 2.15.0(a549fcedde9d1f465ee92b99440b84436574a228) and 2.16.0(9768017530fdbbefd7c112b55702b5a16b3f058e)

#CommitDateAuthorShort MessageARTEMIS JIRAsAddRepDelTottestdocs/examples/
1 32bf9682020/08/24 10:03:24Domenico Francesco Bruscino[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration 0000
2 b85156c2020/08/24 10:24:25Domenico Francesco BruscinoNO-JIRA POM on extra-tests to 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT 0000
3 90853402020/08/24 10:24:25Justin BertramARTEMIS-2886 optimize security auth

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2886)
4 4d45d0c2020/08/26 17:41:16Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2887 Adding toString back to AMQPMessage

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2887)

5 c3887ed2020/08/26 17:41:42Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2887 Adding back Message.toString on audit logger

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2887)
6 729f86e2020/09/01 08:10:13Domenico Francesco BruscinoNO-JIRA Update the releasing document 1555169
7 d934dc62020/09/01 10:30:42Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: enable full build output for GitHub Actions jobs, split main and example builds to simplift viewing output 0000
8 50874712020/09/01 17:44:42Luis De BelloARTEMIS-2696 Releasing ByteBuf after reading content on WebSocket

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2696)
9 f5a61892020/08/28 23:24:47Justin BertramARTEMIS-2890 FQQN security-settings + JMS not working

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2890)
10 ec1c5a92020/09/07 11:32:57gtullyARTEMIS-2895 - ensure propagated credentials are visible for bind and removed for subsequent mapping operations

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2895)
11 1783aa12020/09/04 03:53:56Stefan KrutzlerARTEMIS-2875 - retry to reattach sessions on failed failover for the specified amount of times set in reconnectAttempts parameter

Critical/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2875)
12 cf92c162020/09/03 22:29:25Justin BertramARTEMIS-2886 put address/FQQN into new security manager interface

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2886)
13 7cf52892020/09/14 10:07:56Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2900 Expose property (getWholeMessageSize) so users can intercept size of messages and large messages

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2900)
14 604b7c22020/09/14 11:28:31Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA fixing CheckTest with a Wait assertion
15 27c73852020/09/15 08:12:57Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA using correct queue on RefOperation::rollback and remove TODO 0110
16 c0c638d2020/09/15 08:56:07Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing intermittent failure on a REST test
17 c29a8cd2020/09/15 07:01:23Andy TaylorARTEMIS-2902 - expose at queue control messages held in a prepared tx

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2902)
18 3e557f12020/09/16 09:56:41Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2902 Fixing QueueControlUsingCoreTest Class Cast Exception on Long to Integer

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2902)
19 fe5b81f2020/08/03 07:47:12Howard GaoARTEMIS-2854 Non-durable subscribers stop receiving after failover

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2854)
20 7cf787a2020/09/16 06:17:46Urs RoeschNO-JIRA: documentation typos
21 b99401a2020/09/15 18:48:57Justin BertramARTEMIS-2903 support admin objects in JCA RA

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2903)

22 6be89662020/09/12 23:14:49Justin BertramARTEMIS-2901 support namespace for temporary queues

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2901)
23 276a8bb2020/09/02 11:53:12Justin BertramARTEMIS-2893 concurrent user admin actions can corrupt properties

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2893)
24 f467bc02020/09/06 10:25:11Domenico Francesco BruscinoNO-JIRA Fix PDF header and table of content 0000
25 676bb102020/09/08 12:31:48Justin BertramARTEMIS-2896 RA can double legacy prefix

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2896)
26 e47eb5a2020/09/11 11:43:34Justin BertramARTEMIS-589 flow control for individual STOMP subscribers

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-589)
27 9a902482020/08/28 22:41:53Justin BertramARTEMIS-2889 better support for JMS topics with legacy LDAP plugin

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2889)
28 100d0702020/08/13 02:30:50Bernd GutjahrARTEMIS-2878 Add numberOfPages as metric

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2878)
29 bc1f8412020/09/17 09:28:51Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2901 Fixing testsuite on InterruptLargeMessageTest

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2901)
30 b8969082020/09/17 10:50:41Justin BertramNO-JIRA fixing tests after ARTEMIS-2889 changes broke them

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2889)
31 d9d98df2020/09/21 13:07:26Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-2910: consider message annotations when determining routing type used for auto-creation with anonymous producers

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2910)
32 246bf082020/09/21 11:10:22Justin BertramARTEMIS-2909 revert ARTEMIS-2322

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2909),

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2322)
33 f07ad092020/09/21 11:19:33Justin BertramNO-JIRA fix internal QueueControl method spelling 0606
34 6a4e79f2020/09/22 06:34:05Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-2910: reuse routing type calculated in initialisation for fixed-address producers

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2910)

35 acdd8b42020/09/23 12:19:55Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: tweaks to address some sporadic test failures
36 feca90d2020/09/23 15:18:21franz1981ARTEMIS-2766 Fixing unused stopSet parameter

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2766)

37 beaacbf2020/09/17 11:24:28Justin BertramARTEMIS-2904 prevent acceptor from automatically starting

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2904)
38 fa048812020/09/16 12:56:12gtullyARTEMIS-2888 ARTEMIS-2859 ARTEMIS-2768 - new page-store-name addressSetting to allow wildcard subscriptions share a single page store

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2888),

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2859),

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2768)
39 fddb2102020/09/23 12:29:35franz1981ARTEMIS-2911 DB2 isn't replacing Blob data

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2911)

40 207c2262020/09/23 17:37:11franz1981ARTEMIS-2912 Server start exception before activation can cause a zombie broker

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2912)
41 69fa4f32020/09/23 19:36:01franz1981ARTEMIS-2912 Handle NPE due to uninitialized members

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2912)

42 27a085f2020/09/24 09:55:20franz1981ARTEMIS-2914 MariaDB SQL isn't correctly recognized

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2914)

43 cdc283f2020/09/24 12:27:20Justin BertramARTEMIS-2915 duplicate temp queues using OpenWire

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2915)
44 0f60b5a2020/09/18 10:34:16Justin BertramARTEMIS-2906 add lastAckTimestamp to message counter

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2906)
45 77d1c8c2020/09/24 12:32:01gtullyARTEMIS-2768 - add warning if wildcard subscription does not have a matching page-store-name address setting

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2768)
46 c77bf502020/09/21 05:58:15Andy TaylorARTEMIS-2908 - Persist Divert Configuration in Bindings journal

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2908)
47 98b94b52020/09/25 12:14:54Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Adding a test where I am sending an AMQP large message and sending it over a core bridge to another node
48 702f3c42020/09/25 15:26:14Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2906 Fixing test on lastAckTimestamp

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2906)
49 1d9964c2020/09/27 00:26:15Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing test intermittent failure with a Wait call
50 7a472d22020/09/28 10:53:06gtullyARTEMIS-2768 - fix up conditional to include null pageStoreName option, it was a little over eager

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2768)
51 7ed83a72020/09/29 12:33:48Justin BertramNO-JIRA update doc logos
52 a8d71812020/09/29 13:19:39Justin BertramNO-JIRA higher quality logos 0000
53 fc628dc2020/09/28 04:04:53Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-2920 Fix ActiveMQ Artemis Features build on IBM JDK 1.8

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2920)

54 66660372020/08/08 01:22:23odidevARTEMIS-2921 Upgrade to Netty 4.1.51.Final and netty-tcnative 2.0.33.Final

Major/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2921)

55 aaba4352020/09/30 10:56:55Justin BertramARTEMIS-2924 prevent NPE

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2924)

56 a680f7d2020/10/02 02:17:40franz1981ARTEMIS-2928 blocking CallbackCache can be replaced with a JCTools lock-free queue

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2928)

57 2faafec2020/05/28 02:42:26Mikko UotiARTEMIS-2823 Use datasource with JDBC store db connections

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2823)
58 b4532d92020/09/10 18:24:12franz1981ARTEMIS-2823 Use datasource with JDBC store db connections fixes

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2823)
59 8fe4bfb2020/10/07 10:05:41Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2936 Adding on when to enable trace on critical analyzer

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2936)

60 0ce173d2020/02/17 05:20:19Andy TaylorARTEMIS-2838 - migrate to HawtIO 2

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2838)
61 50f7efc2020/10/12 09:17:45Domenico Francesco BruscinoNO-JIRA Split commons.dbcp2.version 0000
62 4584ab12020/10/07 03:24:24Luis AlvesARTEMIS-2886 pass FQQN regardless of match

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2886)

63 4e8ce9e2020/10/14 11:54:39gtullyARTEMIS-2859 - track owning page store as in a message reference to ensure correct usage tracking, only track size on the owning store, reference everywhere else via refUp

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2859)
64 621b8452020/10/14 16:40:53Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2951 Fixing Large Message reference counting

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2951)

65 5f4afd82020/10/12 04:17:47Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-2942 Disable hawtio proxy

Major/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2942)

66 583bd362020/10/19 08:54:39gtullyARTEMIS-2888 ARTEMIS-2859 ARTEMIS-2768 - revert new page-store-name addressSetting, when the page store respects the target address and the size is tallied on the target address store, it is no longer neecessary

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2888),

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2859),

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2768)
67 75e12b52020/10/12 15:40:36Justin BertramARTEMIS-2947 Implement SecurityManager that supports replication

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2947)
68 bd392e12020/10/16 12:08:35Emmanuel Hugonnet[ARTEMIS-2954]: RA doesn't use the RA specified prefix when setting up a destination.

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2954)

69 c4832c32020/10/15 06:55:54gtullyARTEMIS-2953 - drop the use of non deterministic finalize

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2953)
70 769101a2020/10/19 12:09:52franz1981ARTEMIS-2955 commons-dbcp2 performance issue with Derby Embedded DBMS

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2955)
71 f6353f52020/10/20 10:41:06Emmanuel Hugonnet[ARTEMIS-2954] Fixing double preifx issue. Avoiding double preifx with ARTEMIS-2954 fix.

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2954)

72 3a82c832020/10/20 09:37:16Andy TaylorARTEMIS-2838 adding missing "send message" tab for addresses

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2838)

73 6932b462020/10/14 04:35:40franz1981ARTEMIS-2949 Reduce GC on OperationContext::checkTasks

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2949)

74 45457492020/09/28 07:49:20franz1981ARTEMIS-2941 Improve JDBC HA connection resiliency

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2941)
75 fdfc5812020/10/20 06:33:02Emmanuel Hugonnet[ARTEMIS-2939]: Artemis should not delete corrupt log files.

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2939)
76 0c8dd592020/10/21 01:33:22franz1981ARTEMIS-2957 ManagementContext is started twice

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2957)

77 69e58322020/10/21 09:57:12gtullyNO JIRA - add some durable sub loadbalancing to the scenario test
78 90434a42020/10/07 15:23:30Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-2935 Fix JMX ObjectNames

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2935)
79 6a2a6112020/10/22 09:51:01Emmanuel Hugonnet[ARTEMIS-2954]: RA doesn't use the RA specified prefix when setting up a destination.

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2954)

80 b5753a02020/10/22 05:01:09franz1981ARTEMIS-2958 Timed out waiting pool stop on backup restart

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2958)

81 f6ef2852020/10/22 13:32:19Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2927 LVQ broken after restart

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2927)
82 b309bb82020/10/23 01:23:30Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Just adding some info on a test assert
83 0c5d0302020/10/26 09:45:40Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing QueueControlTest in certains envs
84 647151b2020/10/28 08:21:31gtullyARTEMIS-2941 - renew tasks are nearly always a little late, make this test more tolerant of that

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2941)
85 e2c18482020/10/02 12:58:26franz1981ARTEMIS-2926 Scheduled task executions are skipped randomly

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2926)
86 8499eac2020/10/26 21:23:01Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2937 Server Side AMQP Connectivity with options to transfer queues or replicate data

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)
87 12280cd2020/10/26 21:23:29Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2937 DOCS & Examples on AMQP Broker Connection

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)
88 bf521342020/10/28 12:34:48Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2937 Fixing Tests and some review

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)
89 e5566d52020/10/28 08:23:06gtullyARTEMIS-2964 - fire advisory messages via post office, independent of connection state. consume via regular auth

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2964)
90 ef5d2572020/10/29 09:02:23Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-2937: improve the docs, particularly around use of 'peer' config to waypoint for Dispatch

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)
91 753dac42020/10/28 17:34:28Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2937 Cleanup on tests

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)
92 9335cd82020/10/29 08:48:16Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2937 Changing BrokerConnection SSL example to also use SSL on the client

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)
93 d51c8942020/10/28 12:05:32Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2966 Anycast queues with distinct names would cause issues on sending messages

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2966)
94 dc7eb5c2020/10/29 13:26:20Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2937 Broker connection improvements

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)
95 1af8be32020/10/29 15:12:30Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-2937: use more realistic key/truststore and client+broker setup in SSL example, remove non-SSL acceptors

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)
96 9b0f7602020/10/29 21:11:51Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2969 / ARTEMIS-2937 Dealing with Connection Timeout properly on AMQP Broker Connections

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2969),

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)
97 48019792020/10/29 22:01:01Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2967 Adding testSimpleConnect back and fixing a possible NPE

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2967)
98 981b5162020/10/29 22:04:33Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2968 Ignoring expected exception when deleting a previously already removed queue

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2968)

99 7a5f3252020/10/30 07:38:01Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-2937: remove a couple of unecessary lines for alt stores, left over by mistake (c&p error)

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)

100 dff2ed32020/10/30 08:38:20Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2937 Implementing skip create and skip delete on Mirror Source

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)
101 ed2c9362020/10/26 06:16:54Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-2960 Update httpcomponents

Major/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2960)

102 67723142020/02/04 23:02:32Shrikant ChavanARTEMIS-1730 Adding Restart Sequence of brokers on doc

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-1730)
103 f3dde912020/10/30 09:30:56Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2969 / ARTEMIS-2937 Dealing with instant disconnects on amqp broker connections

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2969),

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)

104 a8bfe0d2020/10/30 10:02:50Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA fixing javadoc for release 0101
105 af5ca9f2020/10/30 10:16:17Clebert Suconic[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.16.0 0000
106 28919b62020/10/30 10:16:29Clebert Suconic[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration 0000
107 10debc32020/10/30 10:41:13Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA bump on extra-tests 0000
108 b39c9c92020/10/30 12:27:50franz1981ARTEMIS-2823 Apply default datasource configs if not overridden

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2823)

109 e4a2a202020/10/30 12:42:15franz1981ARTEMIS-2941 Fixing query timeout value

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2941)

110 c0b12b12020/11/02 07:34:35Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2969 / ARTEMIS-2937 Controlling connecting state on AMQP Broker Connection

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2969),

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)
111 dafef2b2020/11/02 07:02:11Andy TaylorARTEMIS-2973 - JMS AMQP Shared global subscriber queue not deleted on unsubscribe

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2973)
112 a2d6d1d2020/11/02 11:23:52Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA avoiding having rogue process when running test
113 fa4064c2020/11/02 11:16:36Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2969 / ARTEMIS-2937 RedoConnection should call protonRemotingConnection.destroy

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2969),

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)

114 16e8db32020/11/02 12:42:30Clebert SuconicRevert "NO-JIRA avoiding having rogue process when running test"
115 7a435a92020/11/02 13:13:11Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2969 / ARTEMIS-2937 should set connecting = false when maxRetry is reached

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2969),

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)

116 648340a2020/11/02 17:13:46Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2969 / ARTEMIS-2937 Making sure consumers are cleaned after failures and reconnects

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2969),

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)
117 97680172020/11/02 17:45:38Clebert Suconic[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.16.0 0000


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