Release report 2.16.0(9768017530fdbbefd7c112b55702b5a16b3f058e) and 2.17.0(36a771150b3ce7a0d889f7df3b7c7a6cd37769f7)

#CommitDateAuthorShort MessageARTEMIS JIRAsAddRepDelTottestdocs/examples/
1 4e7bb972020/11/02 17:45:51Clebert Suconic[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration 0000
2 9896b992020/11/02 20:27:32Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA update on 0808
3 a52ddb62020/11/04 16:15:51Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2970 Adding test validaing Broker Connection with socket disconencts and TTL

Critical/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2970)
4 030baaa2020/11/04 17:46:38Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2970 Improving test on Broker Connection

Critical/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2970)
5 3ab5dcf2020/11/04 00:07:13Howard GaoNO JIRA - fixing doc typo
6 5ff075b2020/11/05 09:32:59Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-2971: add ANONYMOUS and EXTERNAL SASL mechanism support for outgoing AMQP server connections

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2971)
7 ecead9b2020/11/02 20:13:38Justin BertramARTEMIS-2974 audit logger can print wrong user info

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2974)
8 14ec3cb2020/11/05 04:23:23Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-2976 Remove password before creating server locator

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2976)

9 b0e07a62020/11/07 11:20:06Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2974 Adding Wait.assert on test

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2974)
10 c46870a2020/11/09 10:03:14Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2974 Proper fix for the CI on MultiThreadAuditLoggingTest

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2974)
11 62099e82020/11/10 11:57:56Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA improving test
12 ead05b72020/11/09 18:43:42Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2983 Fixing PrintData with AMQP

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2983)
13 80fa86b2020/11/12 10:24:56Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing Intermittent Failure on TransientQueueTest
14 15519832020/10/28 09:36:49Justin BertramARTEMIS-2961 reset TLS values w/forceSSLParameters

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2961)
15 9675eca2020/11/12 12:17:20gtullyARTEMIS-2985 - don't block netty threads for mqtt protocol actions

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2985)
16 68387942020/11/13 05:03:28gtullyARTEMIS-2990 - avoid auto boxing on binding id used as map key

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2990)
17 d0bf65e2020/11/13 05:40:18gtullyARTEMIS-2990 - update wildcard address map on creation only, avoid duplicates and duplicate checks

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2990)

18 aa7e3f42020/11/16 10:30:07Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA disable merge and squash buttons on github 0000
19 89c93ce2020/11/13 12:46:56Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-2993 Sanitize artemis plugin console components

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2993)

20 39080f52020/11/13 13:04:22Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-2994 Update jetty version to 9.4.34.v20201102

Major/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2994)

21 f4916512020/11/13 06:07:15Urs RoeschNO-JIRA: remove duplicate consecutive words
22 3fa2f8e2020/11/13 03:47:40Tadayoshi SatoARTEMIS-2989 Remove random client-side debug log in Web console

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2989)

23 4bb9ed22020/11/12 11:24:20Justin BertramARTEMIS-2986 deleting scheduled messages not permanent

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2986)
24 58fe2612020/10/09 05:13:08Rico NeubauerARTEMIS-2938 update to latest ActiveMQ client

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2938)

25 4cacd932020/11/17 13:36:01Justin BertramNO-JIRA update version docs
26 1fa038a2020/11/17 11:49:01Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3000 - Console browse message filter broken

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3000)

27 42e31e02020/11/17 13:42:28sebthomARTEMIS-2983 Improving Browsing functionality on the web console

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2983)

28 d6342212020/11/14 11:12:38franz1981ARTEMIS-2996 Provide JMH Benchmarks for Artemis

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2996)
29 923fcb72020/11/15 03:42:53franz1981ARTEMIS-2990 Improve scalability of wildcard address manager add/remove

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2990)
30 cecebb32020/11/17 15:11:25Clebert SuconicRevert "ARTEMIS-2983 Improving Browsing functionality on the web console"

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2983)

31 9d97c3b2020/11/17 13:42:28sebthomARTEMIS-2986 Improving Browsing functionality on the web console

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2986)

32 80c51802020/11/17 14:21:18sebthomARTEMIS-3001 Provide address and queue count via ActiveMQServerControl

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3001)
33 80b2c7a2020/11/17 14:41:34Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Update Travis and github builds to include jmh as part of their builds 0000
34 05b9c3c2020/11/17 16:18:49Justin BertramNO-JIRA formatting error in
35 2c0b1922020/11/17 09:16:55Justin BertramARTEMIS-2997 NPE with JMS queue/topic toString()

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2997)
36 d0d1aef2020/11/18 07:56:42gtullyARTEMIS-2938 - allow array list serialisation for dependent openwire tests AMQ-7399

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2938)

37 a2d827e2020/11/13 08:04:46Luis De BelloARTEMIS-2991 Removing HttpAcceptorHandler from HttpKeepAliveRunnable when upgrade to websocket connection

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2991)
38 bfc07062020/11/18 13:20:51Justin BertramARTEMIS-2987 improve message body display

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2987)

39 85b9ac32020/11/19 09:14:56Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Improving AmqpLargeMessageTest
40 83b12ca2020/11/19 11:51:35Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Adding MQTT Test
41 ccc74a22020/11/20 08:28:42gtullyARTEMIS-2938 - disable openwire host verification to work with existing certs

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2938)
42 ec2cb192020/11/19 16:48:18Justin BertramARTEMIS-3003 NPE when reloading persisted security-setting

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3003)
43 e75a6792020/11/20 10:42:05Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-2985 Ordered Executor not needed on Actor

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2985)

44 af4d2cd2020/11/10 15:12:57Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3006 Upgrading to Qpid ProtonJ 0.33.8

Major/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3006)
45 27392b12020/11/20 12:23:04Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3005 Fix scaling down AMQP messages routing

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3005)
46 686036b2020/11/22 23:28:38Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3007 Checking if a message becomes large during copy

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3007)
47 a5d7a042020/11/20 06:57:15gtullyARTEMIS-2990 - alway be getBiased and only publish complete records and only calculate linked addresses once ARTEMIS-2990

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2990)
48 0585bf12020/11/25 05:08:24gtullyARTEMIS-179 - fix intermittent failure on BindingsClusterTest

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-179)
49 7b9641d2020/11/23 12:13:50gtullyARTEMIS-3009 - reference remoteBinding loadbalancing type on add binding, rather then doing a second pass via the po and address manager. rework ARTEMIS-1680

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-1680),

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3009)
50 5265e662020/11/25 12:29:50Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3013: update to Qpid JMS 0.55.0

Major/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3013)

51 c64d4d62020/11/24 12:56:07Justin BertramARTEMIS-3010 doc updates

Minor/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3010)
52 7eb22c12020/11/28 17:10:05Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3014 Fix JMX RBAC guard

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3014)
53 f5462982020/04/09 11:39:35Bartosz Spyrko-Smietanko[ARTEMIS-3004] RA connection properties are not propagated to XARecoveryConfig

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3004)
54 4843a092020/12/03 07:44:31Gary Tullyno jira - indicate what journal-compact-percentage is a percentage of
55 232c7b12020/12/04 07:25:39Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3018 - Console dlq pref doesn work with multiple dlq's

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3018)

56 ccefbfc2020/12/04 13:44:27Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3019 Before applying the fix into two methods, I needed to move the method into the right place

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3019)

57 e6a6e812020/12/04 11:46:34Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3019 expiry changes in AMQP Large Message

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3019)
58 03a64f62020/12/01 12:49:01Domenico Francesco BruscinoNO-JIRA Add proxy forwarding doc
59 57e6d272020/12/07 13:49:13Urs RoeschNO-JIRA: Correct misspellings in documentation
60 6a6a3b32020/12/07 14:53:59Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3023 Avoid opening AMQP Large Message for final parsing

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3023)
61 383ec082020/12/02 04:30:58Domenico Francesco BruscinoNO-JIRA Mask ssl context log passwords 0101
62 216e2672020/12/07 10:46:43Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3022 - Add original queue column on browse tab when looking at dlq or expiry

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3022)

63 82534172020/12/08 14:02:19Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3024 Expiry or DLQ Retry not working with AMQP

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3024)
64 c0b4a102020/12/03 05:27:39Tadayoshi SatoARTEMIS-3017 ArtemisJMXSecurity bulk canInvoke operation always returns true

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3017)
65 2b585502020/12/09 01:34:12franz1981ARTEMIS-3025 JsonReader char[] leak

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3025)

66 383b4762020/12/09 13:42:13Justin BertramARTEMIS-2898 update micrometer dep

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2898)

67 94f18572020/12/09 16:15:24Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3026 Allow "re-encode" of amqp large messages

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3026)
68 dfd41d92020/12/10 18:14:37Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3027 Store calculated expiration as part of the journal record on AMQP

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3027)
69 63a3bcb2020/12/14 11:15:20Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3027 Fixing Redistribution of Large Messages after expiration fix

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3027)
70 27c52402020/12/11 10:56:04Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3029 - wrong heading on producers tab in console

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3029)

71 be927d42020/12/11 09:23:57Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3028 Update jetty version to 9.4.35.v20201120

Major/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3028)

72 3b0fa742020/12/14 15:19:10Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3027 Fixing tests after some large messages changes

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3027)
73 3d32f5c2020/12/16 13:15:14Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Improving test to not fail when CI is slow
74 57c9dc62020/12/16 13:40:57Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3035 on connection success for AMQP Broker Connection

Trivial/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3035)

75 02bcb312020/12/14 17:33:05Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3034 CLI Transfer Option

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3034)
76 a9489912020/12/17 10:03:39Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3034 Reverting parameter URL on CLI ConnectionAbstract

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3034)

77 ef815992020/12/17 11:51:48Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA fixing intermittent failures
78 4e2eda82020/12/17 13:06:49Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3018 Adding ignore on test for further investigation

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3018)
79 920d97b2020/12/17 14:30:02Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing intermittent failure
80 78715e62020/12/17 16:06:42Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Allow some variance on the fast disk calculation
81 1c0896f2020/12/17 16:49:45Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Using Assume on DNSSwitchTest and ignoring if it cannot be executed
82 3337d252020/12/18 09:24:29Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing Intermittent failures
83 29e65d82020/12/18 12:30:29Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3039 Fixing network isolation signal on replication

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3039)

84 b1835fa2020/12/17 05:52:25Tomas HofmanARTEMIS-3037 JournalImpl#checkKnownRecordID() implementation can leave a thread hanging in WAITING state

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3037)
85 6b7d9632020/12/18 16:56:14Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3039 Fixing network isolation signal on replication

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3039)
86 9f590062020/12/21 09:38:40Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Intermittent test failure due to Wait.assertEquals
87 d7fc2fb2020/12/21 09:27:43Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3040 Fix reloading large messages paged before 2.12

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3040)
88 e3670b62020/12/21 12:59:40Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Improving SoakPagingTest
89 d8f57ae2020/12/21 14:17:50Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing checkstyle after SoakPagingTest Improvement
90 b07ae7a2020/12/21 14:21:40Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA fixing intermittent test failures
91 c3beea32020/12/21 16:19:38Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing intermittent test failure
92 122187a2020/12/21 16:26:09Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Disabling storage on openWire TemporaryQueueClusterTest
93 a2bce6e2020/12/21 16:51:25Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA intermittent failures on testsuite
94 1bb15632020/12/21 17:33:35Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fix intermittent failure on JMSConsumer2Test
95 562674a2020/12/21 17:36:42Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Intermittent failure fix
96 c1de2c82020/12/21 20:10:31Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Checkstyle fix
97 92d6ae82020/12/21 18:17:41Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3027 Fixing AMQP persister encoding

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3027) artemisClientAMQP.groovy(+) artemisFail.groovy(+) sendMessages.groovy(+)
98 0456b882020/12/22 08:31:41Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3041 Allow encrypted data source property values

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3041)
99 372220a2020/12/22 13:12:15Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Avoiding NPE on ManagementServiceImpl 0505
100 4dd51bc2020/12/22 13:28:30Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Adding Thread Dump to be reported on failing Wait conditions
101 c63aa9f2020/12/23 11:14:29Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA OpenWire test retry
102 52e7c132021/01/04 11:46:33Domenico Francesco BruscinoNO-JIRA Fix PageCursorStressTest with hole on ack
103 985559d2020/12/03 23:21:40franz1981ARTEMIS-3016 Adding JMH benchmark on duplicate ids cache

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3016)
104 b3b5d482020/11/30 10:12:54franz1981ARTEMIS-3016 Reduce DuplicateIDCache memory footprint

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3016)
105 2b5d99b2020/12/02 15:38:11franz1981ARTEMIS-3016 Refactored duplicate ids cache

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3016)
106 a6160da2021/01/05 15:17:20Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3052 Not block on Binding operations

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3052)

107 ea7f0012020/12/18 07:49:21Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3043 - improvements on new console

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3043)
108 9fc22672021/01/04 12:18:13Justin BertramARTEMIS-3031 add new callback for broker deactivation

Minor/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3031)

109 4e70fcd2021/01/06 15:19:49gtullyARTEMIS-3043 - remove reference to improperly named field, now corrected, from test

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3043)
110 546bbfe2020/11/26 08:22:59gtullyARTEMIS-3033 - implement address tree map for wildcards in place of linked addresses

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3033)
111 c3847762021/01/07 06:32:46gtullyARTEMIS-3033 - fix early visibility on cached simple string parts array

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3033)
112 727baf22021/01/07 10:42:26Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA fixing intermittent failure on QueueAutoDeleteTest
113 b4d66b62021/01/06 21:25:46Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3054 Fix inconsistencies between replica catchup and page cleanup

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3054)
114 ba2b8912021/01/11 06:41:25Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3060 Upgrade to Guava 30.1

Major/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3060)

115 be3812b2021/01/11 04:54:29franz1981ARTEMIS-3059 AMQP message reencoding should save creating Netty heap arenas

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3059)

116 9aa7a102021/01/08 15:25:03Justin BertramARTEMIS-3058 improper AddressSettings merge

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3058)
117 dc68d2e2021/01/11 11:59:33franz1981ARTEMIS-3061 AMQPMessage::getDuplicateProperty can save key comparisons and class checks

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3061)

118 2e0f0512021/01/12 06:07:23franz1981ARTEMIS-3063 AMQPMessage get property can use a String switch

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3063)

119 884336f2021/01/04 09:56:27franz1981ARTEMIS-3049 append only chunk list benchmark

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3049)
120 19b04532021/01/04 09:10:49franz1981ARTEMIS-3049 Reduce live page lookup cost

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3049)
121 54b00942021/01/05 05:06:58franz1981ARTEMIS-3049 Simplify PageCache API

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3049)
122 22dbeb82021/01/05 06:14:26franz1981ARTEMIS-3049 Simplify PagePosition API

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3049)

123 78c07922021/01/12 14:52:33Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3065 AMQP Anonymous producer would eventually block

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3065)
124 1f825ee2021/01/15 12:05:59Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3069 Add option to mask using the configured password-codec

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3069)
125 6b6d9932021/01/14 05:53:17Andy TaylorNO-JIRA updating the console docs
126 9fde07d2021/01/18 06:30:57Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3043 - just a console tweak to add a scrollbar on the column picker modal in case its too big for the screen

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3043)

127 4a646e42021/01/18 09:41:05Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3072 - Management methods check for null and not for empty strings

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3072)

128 ec32b682021/01/19 11:00:11gtullyARTEMIS-2559 - resolve intermittent test failure when last ack is lost

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2559)
129 c2c63742021/01/19 09:36:06gtullyARTEMIS-2937 - tidy up shutdown, resolve intermittent failure in org.apache.activemq.artemis.tests.integration.amqp.connect.AMQPReplicaTest#testReplicaCatchupOnQueueCreates

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2937)

130 eea61912021/01/18 09:51:11Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3073 Improve replication manger NPE logs

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3073)

131 8b093ec2021/01/20 13:18:19Justin BertramNO-JIRA minor logging doc updates
132 9d070812021/01/22 03:56:14Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3079 Fix AMQP binary properties serialization to JSON

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3079)
133 193374d2021/01/20 04:43:19Sebastian ThomschkeNO-JIRA Minor code improvement in NettyAcceptor class 0422
134 9c9d4de2021/01/04 11:21:51Dirk Van HaerenborghARTEMIS-2026 don't override '' if set

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2026)

135 7cb95352020/12/24 05:08:17Domenico Francesco BruscinoNO-JIRA Add JDBC connection pooling doc
136 9319f0c2020/11/24 20:34:04Justin BertramARTEMIS-3012 incorrect fallback consumer authorization

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3012),

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-592)
137 4fbc8bf2020/11/24 11:57:02Justin BertramARTEMIS-3008 mngmnt op to reload config file

Minor/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3008)
138 86a2cad2020/09/29 17:43:19Ryan Yeats ARTEMIS-1884 add plugin API for message level authorization policies

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-1884)
139 88b21f92021/01/25 11:17:26Justin BertramARTEMIS-3082 fix non-destructive + rollback

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3082)
140 c0192182021/01/27 17:40:10Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3084 Eliminate Block on moving to next file on libaio

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3084)
141 03f8f832021/01/27 17:40:10Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3084 Small tweak. Log a Thread dump if a server.stop cannot get a completion of pending closes

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3084)

142 f122b502021/01/28 13:57:22Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Improvements on StompStests
143 4b5c2992021/01/28 14:24:10Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3084 Fixing intermittent failures on testsuite. file.close() should block

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3084)

144 05e9cfe2021/01/22 07:18:48gtullyARTEMIS-3064 - ensure useTopologyForLoadBalancing is disabled when ha=false

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3064)
145 873c2bc2021/01/29 08:15:39Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3084 Avoiding Race condition on async close

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3084)
146 7ce53152021/01/29 10:50:45Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3084 Fix on checkstyle

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3084)
147 b05bea72021/01/29 12:42:27Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3084 Issue a warning instead of blocking forever in case of not completing closes

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3084)

148 03b0fcd2021/01/29 13:23:51Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3084 Issue a warning instead of blocking forever in case of not completing closes

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3084)

149 d186d202021/01/14 11:34:13gtullyARTEMIS-3067 - track application properties in memory estimate and check for modification after potential filter execution

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3067)
150 1ed52cc2021/02/01 11:26:53Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Speeding up AddressqueueDeleteDelayTest
151 267c6e52021/02/01 03:56:56Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3091 Fix AMQP message headers export from the journal

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3091)
152 755947e2021/01/29 16:05:07Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3084 Deal with async close and double close

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3084)
153 d9e114d2021/01/29 16:17:23Justin BertramARTEMIS-3089 direct delivery can break LVQ+non-destructive

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3089)
154 bd9ca522021/01/31 15:18:21Erwin DondorpNO-JIRA added space to separate 2 words that otherwise appear joined 0101
155 ebeea152021/01/19 09:04:35Tomas HofmanARTEMIS-3074 Add ActiveMQServerControl#createBridge() method variant accepting a JSON string

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3074)
156 4c611a62021/02/03 06:48:27Erwin DondorpNO-JIRA fixed debug message 0202
157 bcdb1332021/02/02 16:49:26Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3075 Skip temporary queues scale down

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3075)
158 71685bf2021/01/05 09:03:47franz1981ARTEMIS-3051 Fix MessageReferenceImpl::getMemoryEstimate

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3051)

159 9e06a062021/01/11 01:45:22franz1981ARTEMIS-3051 Fix MessageReferenceImpl::getMemoryEstimate

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3051)

160 044d6102020/12/16 07:57:48Ingo KarkatARTEMIS-3081 Swap precedence of key/ props

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3081)
161 40f4c022021/02/03 12:33:12Emmanuel Hugonnet[ARTEMIS-3080]: Provide JakartaEE 9 artefacts.

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3080) receiveMessages.groovy(+) sendMessagesAddress.groovy(+) receiveMessages.groovy(+) sendMessagesAddress.groovy(+) receiveMessages.groovy(+) sendMessagesAddress.groovy(+) receiveMessages.groovy(+) sendMessagesAddress.groovy(+)
162 69fb2262021/01/19 07:38:23Marcos SingermannARTEMIS-3068 Fix HierarchicalRepository matcher comparator

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3068)
163 c47122e2021/02/03 16:55:05Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3084 Avoid pending IO to close files

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3084)

164 15e3cdf2021/02/04 13:29:10Justin BertramARTEMIS-3096 bridge config using wrong default conf-window-size

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3096)
165 4b314e22021/02/02 15:06:43Justin BertramNO-JIRA fix JDBC parsing typo 0101
166 b4f8aad2021/02/02 15:07:28Justin BertramARTEMIS-3092 inconsistent JDBC config logging

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3092)

167 e65eff02021/02/04 17:35:36Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3096 Fixing compilation on JDK 1.8

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3096)
168 9c5ec1b2021/02/06 05:42:20岳豹ARTEMIS-3105 large message file not closed on backup side

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3105)
169 9b2d9b12021/02/05 23:36:16Justin BertramARTEMIS-3095 clarify diagram check-boxes w/whitespace

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3095)

170 0148eec2021/02/05 10:21:22Justin BertramARTEMIS-3099 wrong default producer-window-size on bridge in xml

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3099)
171 0bedb302021/02/05 00:16:01Christoph LäubrichARTEMIS-33 Generic integration with SASL Frameworks

Critical/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-33)

172 66949122021/02/04 15:09:59Erwin DondorpNO-JIRA remove single quotes on status screen title 0000
173 41affe12021/02/08 03:27:48Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3086 Fix diagram refresh

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3086)

174 17ad9c72021/02/07 16:51:50Antonio MusarraARTEMIS-3107 - Extension of the artemis-docker module

Minor/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3107)

175 86cb8882021/02/07 15:48:13Justin BertramNO-JIRA remove failover-on-server-shutdown from bridge doc
176 0b62fdc2021/02/08 11:51:59Justin BertramNO-JIRA update before release
177 c81ba272021/02/08 12:18:26Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA update
178 52de3822021/02/08 12:16:04Justin BertramARTEMIS-3108 bridge XML config doesn't allow -1

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3108)

179 05e71982021/02/08 12:36:50Justin BertramARTEMIS-3108 fix test failure

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3108)

180 1dd34e62021/02/08 12:42:08Justin BertramARTEMIS-3108 fixing another test failure

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3108)
181 cd760032021/02/08 12:45:26Justin BertramARTEMIS-3108 fixing yet another test failure

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3108)

182 017daa92021/02/08 13:52:45Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA fixing javadoc 0101
183 f1d53032021/02/08 14:15:40Justin BertramARTEMIS-2952 allow protected access to ActiveMQConnectionFactory readOnly

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2952)

184 06b29802021/02/08 15:56:18Clebert Suconic[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.17.0 0000
185 6ed1e4c2021/02/08 15:56:31Clebert Suconic[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration 0000
186 108334b2021/02/08 16:09:13Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fix Extra Tests pom 0000
187 1647f5e2021/02/09 09:46:20Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA updating pom on jmh perf 0000
188 ea6b1332021/02/08 15:38:42Justin BertramARTEMIS-3109 unsetting expiry-address results in excessive logging

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3109)

189 b4f0dec2021/02/09 11:30:17Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Removing performance-jmh from source distribution 0000
190 9b473692021/02/09 12:12:35Clebert Suconic[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.17.0 0000
191 c0867f02021/02/09 12:12:48Clebert Suconic[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration 0000
192 54b273b2021/02/09 17:42:22Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Link updates on 0202
193 e5b27d62021/02/10 10:34:43Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Adding thread dump logging 1102
194 e2774212021/02/10 11:42:04Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: refresh release instructions for website updates 0422
195 5079ad12021/02/10 11:51:10Clebert Suconic[ARTEMIS-3113]: Artemis AMQP shouldn't depend on JMS. * removing the JMS dependency on AMQP module * fixing destinations usage.

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3113)
196 f0cb7302021/02/10 14:44:02Justin BertramNO-JIRA clarify clustered grouping docs
197 6b1d5342021/02/10 16:37:56Michael André Pearce[NO-JIRA] Belated happy new year! 0000
198 7f648222021/02/10 18:34:18Clebert SuconicRevert "[ARTEMIS-3113]: Artemis AMQP shouldn't depend on JMS."

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3113)
199 5574e1f2021/02/09 09:40:58Justin BertramARTEMIS-2343 "Illegal reflective access" with OpenJDK 11

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2343)

200 07708752021/02/08 21:20:05Justin BertramARTEMIS-2943 fix static selector example

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-2943)
201 2aedde12021/02/11 07:04:34Erwin DondorpNO_JIRA mention that a multiple values are allowed for anycastPrefix/multicastPrefix
202 5dc038b2021/02/11 04:48:43Jan ŠmucrNO-JIRA Add a note about the `jms-client-id` session metadata to the docs
203 e7e3c712021/02/10 18:37:13Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3113 - Artemis AMQP shouldn't depend on JMS. * removing the JMS dependency on AMQP module * fixing destinations usage. * refactoring to remove some JMS usage and make exceptions a bit better

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3113)
204 36a77112021/02/11 11:59:51Clebert Suconic[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.17.0 0000


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