Release report 2.18.0(37cc2989733c20431a6aea18656a4ce4a76b1018) and 2.19.0(5fcb7632343e40af8536bb63e722eff6506c21ce)

#CommitDateAuthorShort MessageARTEMIS JIRAsAddRepDelTottestdocs/examples/
1 b8c64592021/08/09 10:58:28Clebert Suconic[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration 0000
2 d950e1b2021/08/09 13:20:25Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Adding vim .swp and .swo files into .gitignore 0000
3 2418ea02021/08/09 14:03:51Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Updating vote template to remove specific version from the template 0101
4 62cf93d2021/08/14 17:04:49Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Removing non used UnitTestLogger
5 b8c779c2021/08/16 07:55:43Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: Travis job has been aborting since #3680 was merged due to log output length, try redirecting output to file for now 0000
6 9baa9a42021/08/17 04:19:57Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: enable regular maven output on Travis, only suppress transfer updates, see if it works around or clarifies situation before no-output timeout kills the run 0000
7 d7f30e72021/08/18 10:24:08Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3421: update docs to reflect change in default, missed from ARTEMIS-3367, and clarify a bit

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3421),

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3367)
8 82f0ece2021/06/04 08:20:31Justin BertramARTEMIS-3329 ability to purge all queues on address

Minor/New Feature/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3329)
9 191cb342021/08/18 06:47:28Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3423 - create correct queue when durable subs recreated via AMQP

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3423)
10 65611402021/08/18 11:53:22Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3423 Addressing suggestiongs from Robbie Gemmel on PR #3697

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3423)
11 3edb96b2021/08/18 16:37:43Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3425 Possible NPE on Page reload

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3425)
12 fac1c432021/08/19 05:42:20Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3423: remaining #3697 feedback, move the non-shared sub test out of the shared sub test class

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3423)
13 52f429a2021/08/19 07:46:03Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing ExpiryRunnerTest intermittent test failure
14 364d4cc2021/08/19 04:49:55Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3426 - fix copying of large retained message

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3426)
15 2f74fa12021/08/19 11:50:01Emmanuel Hugonnet[ARTEMIS-3431]: PrintData is missing a retro-compatible method.

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3431)

16 bafc5112021/08/19 11:07:39Emmanuel Hugonnet[ARTEMIS-3432]: Use batavia to produce transformed source code instead of transformed binaries.

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3432)

17 ed4c9152021/08/20 08:04:56Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3434 Fixing Journal Retention Wrong month

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3434)
18 02a82962021/08/20 10:36:41Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3435: fail-fast if AIO check fouls, rather than burning hours and still failing, and report/log detals to aid analysis

Major/Test/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3435)
19 c8d71cb2021/08/20 14:12:43Justin BertramARTEMIS-3422 mitigate NPE for audit logging

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3422)

20 3fd0eea2021/08/20 12:56:22Justin BertramARTEMIS-3438 legacy updateQueue doesn't respect ringSize

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3438)
21 c300d582021/08/17 11:56:41Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: use the google mirror for maven central to spread load and help reduce sporadic CI failures 0000
22 7e7150f2021/08/23 08:43:37Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Renaming TestTransfer as TransferTest to be compatible with the other tests names
23 d15680d2021/08/23 10:14:12Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3234 Additional test with expiry and paging

Blocker/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3234)
24 e2c1efb2021/08/24 06:49:50Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: fix profiles for run of examples module on JDK11+ on Travis, fix unintended build output caching, and cleanup existing cache 0000
25 5a1449d2021/08/24 09:10:17Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3440: separate effect of -Pdev from test profiles, make them independent

Major/Task/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3440)

26 20e66a22021/08/24 09:12:10Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: split various checks out to their own sub jobs on GHA 0000
27 ac46c562021/08/24 11:21:28Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3234 Adjusting sizes on MessagesExpiredPagingTest

Blocker/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3234)
28 e05221e2021/08/24 12:38:24Clebert Suconic ARTEMIS-3234 Adjusting sizes on MessagesExpiredPagingTest

Blocker/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3234)
29 edf688e2021/08/24 16:22:52Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Adding Large Message into MessagesExpiredPagingTest
30 4d2fd892021/08/14 11:12:27Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3436 Journal Replay operation

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3436)
31 02665822021/08/24 09:33:21Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3441 Remove a few finalize methods

Major/Task/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3441)
32 04232db2021/08/25 12:14:09Justin BertramNO-JIRA add upgrade details for 2.18.0
33 9b8e8262021/08/24 21:57:43Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3442 Configure journal retention through cli create

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3442)

34 599d3312021/08/26 06:47:28Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: remove unused property, the related module was removed over 6 years ago 0000
35 539749f2021/08/26 11:13:29Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3447: update test use of bcprov-jdk15on to current 1.69 release

Minor/Dependency upgrade/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3447)

36 596d6442021/08/27 08:12:36Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: update release steps for website update to reflect change in 'current releases' config location 0101
37 b8ed0f22021/08/27 12:20:30Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing small typo on MessagesExpiredPagingTest
38 8709b1e2021/08/27 12:36:50Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3448 Expiry (maybe DLQ copy) would break LargeMessage Delivery

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3448)

39 16d2fb42021/08/30 11:05:48Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3447: dont force scope as an example also uses it

Minor/Dependency upgrade/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3447)

40 587e0f82021/08/30 11:26:28Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3451: add dependencyManagement entry for qpid-jms-client, remove various redundant uses of property

Minor/Task/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3451)

41 359b9192021/08/31 05:19:21Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3453: exclude log4j + slf4j-log4j12 transitive deps via zookeeper dependencyManagement entry

Major/Task/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3453)

42 0e909cf2021/09/01 10:16:37Paul Wrightupdate link for download
43 79a41542021/09/01 09:39:03tdinevCorrect minor typo
44 97e84bb2021/09/01 11:35:11Domenico Francesco BruscinoNO-JIRA Fix test security resources copy 0000
45 c7b672d2021/09/02 06:09:31gtullyARTEMIS-3365 - fix intermittent ci failure on test

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3365)
46 c0ce3ff2021/09/02 09:17:43gtullyno-jira - remove unnecessary reference to jgroups version from example create command, a more recient version it is part of the distro 0000
47 00d353e2021/09/02 09:41:36Domenico Francesco BruscinoNO-JIRA Fix broker connection AMQP SSL example
48 e9844352021/09/02 01:06:48Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3455 Upgrade jasypt to 1.9.3

Major/Dependency upgrade/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3455)

49 b777f1f2021/09/02 05:59:06Paul Wrightlink to jira instance 0505
50 45692632021/09/01 12:45:56Justin BertramARTEMIS-3454 prevent directory listing for deployed web apps

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3454)

51 f82cd792021/09/03 06:49:59Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: undo addition of module-specific resources-plugin version from 97e84bb0d12cd2ce51571032ec3a946a97e6589d 0000
52 9b074e12021/09/03 11:20:24Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3459: use appropriate call to clear up, avoid creating unnecessary wrapper

Trivial/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3459)

53 6ee7e722021/08/19 10:32:27Justin BertramARTEMIS-3445 automatically clean-up abandoned MQTT subscriptions

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3445)
54 13df6a82021/09/02 11:23:12Justin BertramARTEMIS-3457 log WARN for OpenWire property conversion problem

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3457)
55 224b8982021/06/24 10:24:48gtullyARTEMIS-2007 - allow redistribution if there are unmatched messages pending on a queue and there is new remote demand

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-2007)
56 e985df72021/07/26 16:54:36gtullyARTEMIS-3223 - ensure distribution uses the address from the message, rather than the address from the queue which may be a wildcard sub and not valid for publishng on, fix and test

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3223)
57 b27aa032021/07/27 06:44:05gtullyARTEMIS-1612 - strip any acceptor matching prefix from the message address such that further routing will match the lack of prefixes in broker routing, different fix for redistribution with prefixes

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-1612)
58 276f8222021/07/27 08:15:58gtullyARTEMIS-1925 - allow redistribution with new loadbalance type of OFF_WITH_REDISTRIBUTION to ensure local consumers get priority, we only optionally redistribute when messages are stuck

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-1925)
59 44dd84d2021/08/09 06:04:57franz1981ARTEMIS-3429 Backup forget coordination-id after quorum loss

Major/Bug/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3429)
60 c6292892021/08/12 08:25:58franz1981NO-JIRA speed-up replicated failback test
61 c31db952021/08/27 01:48:03franz1981NO-JIRA Reduce amount of Apache Curator logs 8008
62 ce3b50c2021/08/19 06:36:06franz1981ARTEMIS-3430 Activation Sequence Auto-Repair

Major/Bug/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3430)
63 082f06a2021/09/03 11:47:13franz1981ARTEMIS-3458 Reduce number of ZK nodes for fast-tests runs

Major/Test/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3458)
64 fa475c42021/09/03 11:54:05franz1981ARTEMIS-3458 Bump version of Apache Curator to 5.2.0 for CURATOR-595

Major/Test/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3458)

65 1e5b3612021/08/26 11:41:10franz1981ARTEMIS-3446 Pluggable quorum vote force live CLI command

Major/Improvement/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3446)
66 f150fe52021/09/07 00:11:14franz1981NO-JIRA Fix HAPolicyConfigurationTest::PrimaryReplicationTest NPE on assert
67 f4d7c8a2021/04/07 02:26:43franz1981ARTEMIS-3219 Save allocating map entries during bindings iteration

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3219)

68 e3b90182021/09/02 23:48:07Domenico Francesco BruscinoNO-JIRA Update broker connection AMQP SSL example
69 0a88aaf2021/09/05 23:49:43Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3450 Fix StaticPoolTest and DiscoveryPoolTest intermittent failures

Major/Test/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3450)
70 9d04c9d2021/09/07 07:07:19Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3462 Improve MBean Guard exception messages

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3462)

71 a4c311f2021/08/27 11:04:29franz1981ARTEMIS-3449 Speedup AMQP large message streamig

Major/Improvement/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3449)

72 7fb4f802021/08/30 16:09:17Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3464 Missing ACKs on Page and Mirror

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3464)
73 8fb5b892021/09/09 04:37:36Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3449: fix some issues from using position to track an unrelated state, plus simplify some previous changes and more

Major/Improvement/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3449)

74 dbdd9412021/09/09 07:22:56gtullyARTEMIS-3446 - tidy up cli code based on static analysis

Major/Improvement/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3446)

75 475d3492021/09/09 07:29:01gtullyARTEMIS-3446 - tidy up cli set code based on static analysis

Major/Improvement/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3446)

76 e379b442021/09/09 07:52:22franz1981ARTEMIS-3465 BufferSplitter::split shouldn't consume input buffer

Blocker/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3465)
77 1f1ee282021/09/09 04:56:27Paul WrightNO-JIRA fixing doc about pools
78 e27ef122021/09/09 09:40:28Erwin DondorpARTEMIS-3468 do not show field "selected"

Trivial/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3468)

79 366ab502021/09/09 09:42:25Erwin DondorpARTEMIS-3469 additionally show readable versions of expiration/timestamp

Trivial/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3469)

80 4dd643c2021/09/09 14:19:01Justin BertramARTEMIS-3466 byte arrays can have negative hex numbers in web console

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3466)

81 9ed12b52021/09/09 09:25:35Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3467 FD leak on receiving AMQP large messages

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3467)
82 55fb9bb2021/09/10 05:41:21Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3449: add some additional guarding following behaviour seen prior to ARTEMIS 3465 fix

Major/Improvement/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3449)

83 6a346e72021/09/10 07:32:28gtullyARTEMIS-3470 - exclude junit5 transitive deps - to allow junit introspection to work with our junit version

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3470)

84 8f6dd3e2021/09/10 13:37:35Justin BertramARTEMIS-3471 implement "session present" for MQTT CONNACK

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3471)
85 7792d8f2021/09/10 16:43:06Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3473 Some tests were leaving a directory named null for journal files under tests/integration-tests

Major/Test/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3473)
86 43ca9542021/09/10 16:10:06Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3472 Reconnect openwire could leave Openwire internal session null

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3472)
87 2fb23472021/09/10 12:07:09Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3464 Improving ACK reliability on Paging and code improvements

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3464)
88 5dbbc982021/09/10 20:39:31Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3464 Fixing PageAckScanTest

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3464)
89 6db6b8c2021/09/10 21:04:16Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3442 Removing input for journal retention on cli create

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3442)

90 c6744162021/09/13 09:08:24Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3365 Avoid infinite loop on toString

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3365)

91 14457c42021/09/13 08:31:30Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3464 Protecting scheduled tasks counter with a synchronized

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3464)
92 6385e472021/09/13 11:46:18Clebert SuconicRevert "ARTEMIS-3365 Avoid infinite loop on toString"

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3365)

93 2481a782021/09/13 09:08:24Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3475 avoiding possible recursion on toString and improving overal PacketImpl toString

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3475)

94 b31737d2021/09/13 14:07:53Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3464 Adding assertion to test

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3464)
95 4bf4a4d2021/09/13 16:49:18Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA removing Transaction Failover from script
96 d997e012021/09/14 08:39:01Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3442 Improving comment generated about retention

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3442)

97 6ec4ab62021/09/14 12:00:25Justin BertramNO-JIRA update 'versions' doc
98 c3b403a2021/09/14 20:34:56Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3482 Removing non used methods and some reorg on message methods

Major/Task/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3482)
99 44742262021/09/14 22:20:18Justin BertramARTEMIS-3484 flesh out Jakarta Messaging support

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3484)
100 cc527f62021/09/07 02:00:14franz1981NO-JIRA Adding quorum paging & large msg BackupSyncJournalTest
101 f1933792021/09/16 02:57:07Emmanuel Hugonnet[ARTEMIS-2545]: Auto queue creation does not work with MDBs.

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-2545)
102 2d6502d2021/09/14 14:25:47Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3479 Upgrade commons-codec version to 1.15

Major/Dependency upgrade/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3479)

103 e8aeb992021/09/14 04:01:18Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3477 Upgrade selenium-java to 3.141.59

Major/Dependency upgrade/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3477)

104 b64cc1f2021/09/14 05:26:56Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3478 Upgrade netty version to 4.1.68.Final

Major/Dependency upgrade/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3478)

105 b8ae6dc2021/09/14 03:46:01Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3476 Upgrade maven-artifact to 3.8.2

Major/Dependency upgrade/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3476)

106 1d73f7d2021/09/16 09:16:53Paul Wrightupdate description of cache-timeout
107 0f23e292021/09/16 10:35:16Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Rewording chapter Protocols as they don't refer to APIs
108 8451f502021/09/16 12:53:46Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3486: update docs around data tools commands, note use of broker instance and refresh shown output

Minor/Task/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3486)
109 236f2802021/09/16 11:06:20Paul Wrightremove duplicate cache-timeout docs
110 05456642021/09/13 02:39:03Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3474 - replace whitelist with allowlist in management.xml

Major/Task/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3474)
111 f4f2f4e2021/05/12 05:54:14Alexander DomkeARTEMIS-3300 Evaluation of the system property in the OSGi environment in addition to

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3300)

112 4d429b12018/08/06 10:20:40JiriOndrusek[ARTEMIS-1946] Cluster with allow-direct-connections-only="true" and localAddress in netty connections with allow-direct-connections-only="true" prevents core bridge to be created.

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-1946)
113 cbdaee42021/09/17 02:50:03Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3300: fix checkstyle failure after f4f2f4eedad020427f5414e213130402cc3159af

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3300)

114 a6488052021/09/16 02:22:51Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3485 Fix web plugin contexts

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3485)

115 515ac3a2021/09/17 07:30:01Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3475: fix recursion and duplicate class name print from 2481a784f3ba7648f4b4322335bd3d4061aa4b01

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3475)

116 569c5992021/09/17 12:45:08Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3491 Fix cluster connection restart

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3491)
117 dada1cd2021/09/19 21:35:52Justin BertramNO-JIRA update versions doc
118 e01d6c32021/09/20 12:54:14Justin BertramARTEMIS-2545 fix test

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-2545)
119 fa439372021/09/22 07:06:18Emmanuel Hugonnet[ARTEMIS-3494]: ActiveMQClientProtocolManagerFactory shouldn't have a private constructor.

Major/Bug/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3494)

120 824eaf72021/09/23 11:03:49gtullyno jira - fix leak of connection in case of failed attempt to connect 0101
121 902cb102021/09/22 00:04:46Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3485 Improve branding context init

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3485)

122 0527e072021/09/24 04:59:56Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3497: update to proton-j 0.33.9

Minor/Dependency upgrade/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3497)

123 28a10452021/09/23 11:10:36gtullyARTEMIS-3106 - add some doc for SASL SCRAM-SHA

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3106)
124 72cfda62021/09/13 05:48:55gtullyARTEMIS-2007 - refactor to make use of existing refCountForConsumers for tracking consumer count and remove need for volatile redistributor

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-2007)
125 8c900682021/09/24 09:23:39Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3106: list the actual mechanism names not just the generalisation

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3106)
126 ef677d12021/09/24 11:06:48Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: update GHA builds to use Temurin, and JDK 17 instead of 16 0000
127 e4276e82021/09/24 12:16:56Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Update Paging Logging with extra information 0606
128 116545c2021/09/24 09:43:35Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3498 Bridge reconnects will not clear delivering count statistics on internal queues

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3498)
129 371a7092021/09/24 07:29:39Domenico Francesco BruscinoNO-JIRA clarify console access using certs
130 19921432021/09/24 13:37:05Justin BertramARTEMIS-1960 clarify scale-down docs

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-1960)
131 e3717572021/09/22 03:43:39Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3493 - expose User ID (JMS Message ID) in send tab of console

Major/Improvement/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3493)
132 20511372021/09/29 05:55:40Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: update to errorprone 2.9.0, fix errors, enable it when running on Java 17+
133 919245b2021/09/28 05:20:05AntonRoskvistARTEMIS-3501 Added exception handling on #handleAddMessage to not stop broker from starting with currupted messages

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3501)

134 ea066212021/10/01 02:56:54Erwin DondorpARTEMIS-3510 enhance detailed view of property JMS_AMQP_ORIGINAL_ENCODING

Minor/Improvement/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3510)

135 8cf428a2021/09/21 13:49:32Justin BertramARTEMIS-3433 mitigate NPE

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3433)

136 f4be4d92021/09/30 06:26:35Erwin DondorpARTEMIS-3508 enhance all fields for which an enhancement function exists

Minor/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3508)

137 5ab8ed22021/10/05 07:07:59Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3514: Update to Mockito 3.12.4

Major/Test/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3514)

138 ef63dc92021/10/04 17:50:42Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3513 Compacting exception invalidates deletes and updates

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3513)
139 55750612021/10/04 18:00:43Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3457 Dealing with String conversions

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3513),

Major/Improvement/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3457)
140 20445be2021/10/05 14:03:59Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3513 Fixing AIOJournalCompactTest

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3513)
141 d6237cb2021/10/05 11:01:00Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3515 Adding example with multicast and broker connection

Major/Task/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3515)
142 481b73c2021/09/27 16:32:49Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3502 Auto delete & auto create leading to inconsistencies

Major/Bug/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3502)
143 1740f9c2021/10/06 11:12:41Justin BertramARTEMIS-3488 add system property for setting key in DefaultSensitiveStringCodec

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3488)
144 ef9011a2021/10/06 02:19:09Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3519 OperationContext not respecting store lineups and dones on store only

Major/Bug/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3519)
145 15c2dbb2021/10/06 15:03:48Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3521 Option to disable duplicate detection on openwire failover clients

Major/Improvement/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3521)
146 a5b5a502021/10/05 11:17:35Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3038: unwind effect of defunct changes from ARTEMIS-1264

Major/Task/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3038),

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-1264)
147 d7f37ae2021/10/06 12:01:59Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3520: set the Open failure hint when balancer redirects or refuses AMQP connection, add lower level test for balancer related redirect/refusal protocol behaviour

Minor/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3520)
148 5508b8a2021/10/06 05:18:04gtullyARTEMIS-3365 - add simple local-target balancer example with amqp failover, remove manditory pool and policy config and update doc with data gravity concept

Major/New Feature/Fixed/Closed (ARTEMIS-3365)
149 41baff72021/10/07 16:11:51Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA fixing typoe on test
150 d1251092021/10/07 20:31:40Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3502 Removing non used logger method

Major/Bug/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3502)

151 c3d93f52021/10/07 20:13:38Justin BertramARTEMIS-3313 routing-type conflict during import/export

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3313)
152 452d3df2021/10/06 03:56:06Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-3518 Upgrade karaf version to 4.3.3

Major/Dependency upgrade/ /Open (ARTEMIS-3518)
153 7e7f7492021/10/08 10:31:47Justin BertramARTEMIS-3313 add export/import test

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3313)
154 377cda62021/10/10 19:50:27Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3313 fixing intermittent test failure

Major/Bug/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-3313)
155 95d2de52021/03/23 11:21:28franz1981NO-JIRA Save double property lookup on common case
156 493bd222020/10/06 17:06:23Domenico Francesco BruscinoARTEMIS-2933 Add .NET Famework v4.0 supported runtime for com.sun.winsw

Major/Task/Fixed/Resolved (ARTEMIS-2933)
157 75430f62021/10/11 09:32:18Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Adding JDBC AMQPLargeMessage test
158 f3f92ed2021/10/11 10:55:50Justin BertramNO-JIRA update release notes for 2.19.0
159 5fcb7632021/10/11 13:35:06Justin Bertram[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.19.0 0000


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