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The Integration Tests validate that ActiveMQ Resource Adapter operate correctly when deployed with a J2EE application running in an Application Server such as Apache Geronimo.

Getting Ready

The instructions on this page reference a few directories that you will need to substitute appropriate values for:

  • activemq-core is where your ActiveMQ source code is located.
  • geronimo-home is where your Geronimo home directory is located.

Building the ActiveMQ Resource Adapter

The ActiveMQ Resource Adapter allows a J2EE Application Server to provide transaction management, connection pooling and security to ActiveMQ connection when used by EJBs. The Resource Adapter is deployed in the client EAR that will be using the ActiveMQ.

cd activemq-ra
maven rar:install-snapshot

Building the Integration Test EJB module

The Integration Test EJB module provides a set of EJBs that the tests are run against.

cd systest/itests/ejb

Building and Deploying the Integration Test EAR module

The EAR module packages up the Resource Adapter and the Integration Tests EJBs into a deployable EAR.

cd systest/itests/ear
maven -Dgeronimo.home=geronimo-home

Starting Geronimo with the Integration Test EAR configuration.

In a seperate console, issue the following commands

cd geronimo-home
java -jar bin/server.jar org/activemq/ear/itest

Building and running the Integration Tests.

The following builds and runs the integration tests:

cd systest/itests/client

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