Class ActiveMQConnectionConsumer

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      • getServerSessionPool

        public ServerSessionPool getServerSessionPool()
                                               throws JMSException
        Gets the server session pool associated with this connection consumer.
        Specified by:
        getServerSessionPool in interface ConnectionConsumer
        the server session pool used by this connection consumer
        JMSException - if the JMS provider fails to get the server session pool associated with this consumer due to some internal error.
      • close

        public void close()
                   throws JMSException
        Closes the connection consumer.

        Since a provider may allocate some resources on behalf of a connection consumer outside the Java virtual machine, clients should close these resources when they are not needed. Relying on garbage collection to eventually reclaim these resources may not be timely enough.

        Specified by:
        close in interface ConnectionConsumer
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
      • clearMessagesInProgress

        public void clearMessagesInProgress​(AtomicInteger transportInterruptionProcessingComplete)