Class ActiveMQXASession

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Runnable, QueueSession, Session, TopicSession, XAQueueSession, XASession, XATopicSession, ActiveMQDispatcher, StatsCapable

    public class ActiveMQXASession
    extends ActiveMQSession
    implements QueueSession, TopicSession, XAQueueSession, XATopicSession
    The XASession interface extends the capability of Session by adding access to a JMS provider's support for the Java Transaction API (JTA) (optional). This support takes the form of a javax.transaction.xa.XAResource object. The functionality of this object closely resembles that defined by the standard X/Open XA Resource interface.

    An application server controls the transactional assignment of an XASession by obtaining its XAResource. It uses the XAResource to assign the session to a transaction, prepare and commit work on the transaction, and so on.

    An XAResource provides some fairly sophisticated facilities for interleaving work on multiple transactions, recovering a list of transactions in progress, and so on. A JTA aware JMS provider must fully implement this functionality. This could be done by using the services of a database that supports XA, or a JMS provider may choose to implement this functionality from scratch.

    A client of the application server is given what it thinks is a regular JMS Session. Behind the scenes, the application server controls the transaction management of the underlying XASession.

    The XASession interface is optional. JMS providers are not required to support this interface. This interface is for use by JMS providers to support transactional environments. Client programs are strongly encouraged to use the transactional support available in their environment, rather than use these XA interfaces directly.

    See Also:
    Session, QueueSession, TopicSession, XASession