Class ManagementContext

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    public class ManagementContext
    extends Object
    implements Service
    An abstraction over JMX MBean registration
    • Field Detail


        public static final boolean DEFAULT_CREATE_CONNECTOR
    • Constructor Detail

      • ManagementContext

        public ManagementContext()
      • ManagementContext

        public ManagementContext​(MBeanServer server)
    • Method Detail

      • getBrokerName

        public String getBrokerName()
        Gets the broker name this context is used by, may be null if the broker name was not set.
      • setBrokerName

        public void setBrokerName​(String brokerName)
        Sets the broker name this context is being used by.
      • getJmxDomainName

        public String getJmxDomainName()
        Returns the jmxDomainName.
      • setJmxDomainName

        public void setJmxDomainName​(String jmxDomainName)
        jmxDomainName - The jmxDomainName to set.
      • getMBeanServer

        public MBeanServer getMBeanServer()
        Get the MBeanServer
        the MBeanServer
      • setMBeanServer

        public void setMBeanServer​(MBeanServer beanServer)
        Set the MBeanServer
      • isUseMBeanServer

        public boolean isUseMBeanServer()
        Returns the useMBeanServer.
      • setUseMBeanServer

        public void setUseMBeanServer​(boolean useMBeanServer)
        useMBeanServer - The useMBeanServer to set.
      • isCreateMBeanServer

        public boolean isCreateMBeanServer()
        Returns the createMBeanServer flag.
      • setCreateMBeanServer

        public void setCreateMBeanServer​(boolean enableJMX)
        enableJMX - Set createMBeanServer.
      • isFindTigerMbeanServer

        public boolean isFindTigerMbeanServer()
      • isConnectorStarted

        public boolean isConnectorStarted()
      • setFindTigerMbeanServer

        public void setFindTigerMbeanServer​(boolean findTigerMbeanServer)
        Enables/disables the searching for the Java 5 platform MBeanServer
      • createCustomComponentMBeanName

        public ObjectName createCustomComponentMBeanName​(String type,
                                                         String name)
        Formulate and return the MBean ObjectName of a custom control MBean
        the JMX ObjectName of the MBean, or null if customName is invalid.
      • newProxyInstance

        public Object newProxyInstance​(ObjectName objectName,
                                       Class<?> interfaceClass,
                                       boolean notificationBroadcaster)
      • isAllowedToRegister

        protected boolean isAllowedToRegister​(ObjectName name)
      • findMBeanServer

        protected MBeanServer findMBeanServer()
      • findTigerMBeanServer

        public MBeanServer findTigerMBeanServer()
      • getConnectorPath

        public String getConnectorPath()
      • setConnectorPath

        public void setConnectorPath​(String connectorPath)
      • getConnectorPort

        public int getConnectorPort()
      • setConnectorPort

        public void setConnectorPort​(int connectorPort)
      • getRmiServerPort

        public int getRmiServerPort()
      • setRmiServerPort

        public void setRmiServerPort​(int rmiServerPort)
      • isCreateConnector

        public boolean isCreateConnector()
      • setCreateConnector

        public void setCreateConnector​(boolean createConnector)
      • getConnectorHost

        public String getConnectorHost()
        Get the connectorHost
        the connectorHost
      • setConnectorHost

        public void setConnectorHost​(String connectorHost)
        Set the connectorHost
        connectorHost - the connectorHost to set
      • getEnvironment

        public Map<String,​?> getEnvironment()
      • setEnvironment

        public void setEnvironment​(Map<String,​?> environment)
      • isAllowRemoteAddressInMBeanNames

        public boolean isAllowRemoteAddressInMBeanNames()
      • setAllowRemoteAddressInMBeanNames

        public void setAllowRemoteAddressInMBeanNames​(boolean allowRemoteAddressInMBeanNames)
      • setSuppressMBean

        public void setSuppressMBean​(String commaListOfAttributeKeyValuePairs)
        Allow selective MBeans registration to be suppressed. Any Mbean ObjectName that matches any of the supplied attribute values will not be registered with the MBeanServer. eg: "endpoint=dynamicProducer,endpoint=Consumer" will suppress the registration of *all* dynamic producer and consumer mbeans.
        commaListOfAttributeKeyValuePairs - the comma separated list of attribute key=value pairs to match.
      • getSuppressMBean

        public String getSuppressMBean()