Class StorePendingDurableSubscriberMessageStoragePolicy

    • Constructor Detail

      • StorePendingDurableSubscriberMessageStoragePolicy

        public StorePendingDurableSubscriberMessageStoragePolicy()
    • Method Detail

      • isImmediatePriorityDispatch

        public boolean isImmediatePriorityDispatch()
      • setImmediatePriorityDispatch

        public void setImmediatePriorityDispatch​(boolean immediatePriorityDispatch)
        Ensure that new higher priority messages will get an immediate dispatch rather than wait for the end of the current cursor batch. Useful when there is a large message backlog and intermittent high priority messages.
        immediatePriorityDispatch -
      • isUseCache

        public boolean isUseCache()
      • setUseCache

        public void setUseCache​(boolean useCache)