Class BrokerInfo

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Command, DataStructure

    public class BrokerInfo
    extends BaseCommand
    When a client connects to a broker, the broker send the client a BrokerInfo so that the client knows which broker node he's talking to and also any peers that the node has in his cluster. This is the broker helping the client out in discovering other nodes in the cluster.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BrokerInfo

        public BrokerInfo()
    • Method Detail

      • getDataStructureType

        public byte getDataStructureType()
        The type of the data structure
      • getBrokerId

        public BrokerId getBrokerId()
      • setBrokerId

        public void setBrokerId​(BrokerId brokerId)
      • getBrokerURL

        public String getBrokerURL()
      • setBrokerURL

        public void setBrokerURL​(String brokerURL)
      • getPeerBrokerInfos

        public BrokerInfo[] getPeerBrokerInfos()
      • setPeerBrokerInfos

        public void setPeerBrokerInfos​(BrokerInfo[] peerBrokerInfos)
      • getBrokerName

        public String getBrokerName()
      • setBrokerName

        public void setBrokerName​(String brokerName)
      • isSlaveBroker

        public boolean isSlaveBroker()
      • setSlaveBroker

        public void setSlaveBroker​(boolean slaveBroker)
      • isMasterBroker

        public boolean isMasterBroker()
      • setMasterBroker

        public void setMasterBroker​(boolean masterBroker)
        masterBroker - The masterBroker to set.
      • isFaultTolerantConfiguration

        public boolean isFaultTolerantConfiguration()
        Returns the faultTolerantConfiguration.
      • setFaultTolerantConfiguration

        public void setFaultTolerantConfiguration​(boolean faultTolerantConfiguration)
        faultTolerantConfiguration - The faultTolerantConfiguration to set.
      • isDuplexConnection

        public boolean isDuplexConnection()
        the duplexConnection
      • setDuplexConnection

        public void setDuplexConnection​(boolean duplexConnection)
        duplexConnection - the duplexConnection to set
      • isNetworkConnection

        public boolean isNetworkConnection()
        the networkConnection
      • setNetworkConnection

        public void setNetworkConnection​(boolean networkConnection)
        networkConnection - the networkConnection to set
      • getConnectionId

        public long getConnectionId()
        The broker assigns a each connection it accepts a connection id.
      • setConnectionId

        public void setConnectionId​(long connectionId)
      • getBrokerUploadUrl

        public String getBrokerUploadUrl()
        The URL to use when uploading BLOBs to the broker or some other external file/http server
      • setBrokerUploadUrl

        public void setBrokerUploadUrl​(String brokerUploadUrl)
      • getNetworkProperties

        public String getNetworkProperties()
        the networkProperties
      • setNetworkProperties

        public void setNetworkProperties​(String networkProperties)
        networkProperties - the networkProperties to set
      • isPassiveSlave

        public boolean isPassiveSlave()
      • setPassiveSlave

        public void setPassiveSlave​(boolean value)
      • getProperties

        public Properties getProperties()
      • getRefCount

        public int getRefCount()
      • incrementRefCount

        public void incrementRefCount()
      • decrementRefCount

        public int decrementRefCount()