Class BrokerSubscriptionInfo

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Command, DataStructure

    public class BrokerSubscriptionInfo
    extends BaseCommand
    Used to represent the durable subscriptions contained by the broker This is used to synchronize durable subs on bridge creation
    • Constructor Detail

      • BrokerSubscriptionInfo

        public BrokerSubscriptionInfo()
      • BrokerSubscriptionInfo

        public BrokerSubscriptionInfo​(String brokerName)
    • Method Detail

      • getDataStructureType

        public byte getDataStructureType()
        The type of the data structure
      • getBrokerId

        public BrokerId getBrokerId()
      • setBrokerId

        public void setBrokerId​(BrokerId brokerId)
      • getBrokerName

        public String getBrokerName()
      • setBrokerName

        public void setBrokerName​(String brokerName)
      • getSubscriptionInfos

        public ConsumerInfo[] getSubscriptionInfos()
      • setSubscriptionInfos

        public void setSubscriptionInfos​(ConsumerInfo[] subscriptionInfos)