Interface Command

    • Method Detail

      • setCommandId

        void setCommandId​(int value)
      • getCommandId

        int getCommandId()
        the unique ID of this request used to map responses to requests
      • setResponseRequired

        void setResponseRequired​(boolean responseRequired)
      • isResponseRequired

        boolean isResponseRequired()
      • isResponse

        boolean isResponse()
      • isMessageDispatch

        boolean isMessageDispatch()
      • isBrokerInfo

        boolean isBrokerInfo()
      • isWireFormatInfo

        boolean isWireFormatInfo()
      • isMessage

        boolean isMessage()
      • isMessageAck

        boolean isMessageAck()
      • isMessageDispatchNotification

        boolean isMessageDispatchNotification()
      • isShutdownInfo

        boolean isShutdownInfo()
      • isConnectionControl

        boolean isConnectionControl()
      • isConsumerControl

        boolean isConsumerControl()
      • getFrom

        Endpoint getFrom()
        The endpoint within the transport where this message came from which could be null if the transport only supports a single endpoint.
      • setFrom

        void setFrom​(Endpoint from)
      • getTo

        Endpoint getTo()
        The endpoint within the transport where this message is going to - null means all endpoints.