Class MessageDispatch

    • Field Detail

      • message

        protected Message message
      • redeliveryCounter

        protected int redeliveryCounter
      • deliverySequenceId

        protected transient long deliverySequenceId
      • consumer

        protected transient Object consumer
      • rollbackCause

        protected transient Throwable rollbackCause
    • Constructor Detail

      • MessageDispatch

        public MessageDispatch()
    • Method Detail

      • getDataStructureType

        public byte getDataStructureType()
        The type of the data structure
      • getConsumerId

        public ConsumerId getConsumerId()
      • setConsumerId

        public void setConsumerId​(ConsumerId consumerId)
      • getMessage

        public Message getMessage()
      • setMessage

        public void setMessage​(Message message)
      • getDeliverySequenceId

        public long getDeliverySequenceId()
      • setDeliverySequenceId

        public void setDeliverySequenceId​(long deliverySequenceId)
      • getRedeliveryCounter

        public int getRedeliveryCounter()
      • setRedeliveryCounter

        public void setRedeliveryCounter​(int deliveryCounter)
      • getConsumer

        public Object getConsumer()
      • setConsumer

        public void setConsumer​(Object consumer)
      • setTransmitCallback

        public void setTransmitCallback​(TransmitCallback transmitCallback)
      • getRollbackCause

        public Throwable getRollbackCause()
      • setRollbackCause

        public void setRollbackCause​(Throwable rollbackCause)