Class MessageId

    • Field Detail

      • textView

        protected String textView
      • producerSequenceId

        protected long producerSequenceId
      • brokerSequenceId

        protected long brokerSequenceId
    • Constructor Detail

      • MessageId

        public MessageId()
      • MessageId

        public MessageId​(ProducerInfo producerInfo,
                         long producerSequenceId)
      • MessageId

        public MessageId​(String messageKey)
      • MessageId

        public MessageId​(String producerId,
                         long producerSequenceId)
      • MessageId

        public MessageId​(ProducerId producerId,
                         long producerSequenceId)
    • Method Detail

      • setValue

        public void setValue​(String messageKey)
        Sets the value as a String
      • setTextView

        public void setTextView​(String key)
        Sets the transient text view of the message which will be ignored if the message is marshaled on a transport; so is only for in-JVM changes to accommodate foreign JMS message IDs
      • getTextView

        public String getTextView()
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • toProducerKey

        public String toProducerKey()
      • getProducerId

        public ProducerId getProducerId()
      • setProducerId

        public void setProducerId​(ProducerId producerId)
      • getProducerSequenceId

        public long getProducerSequenceId()
      • setProducerSequenceId

        public void setProducerSequenceId​(long producerSequenceId)
      • getBrokerSequenceId

        public long getBrokerSequenceId()
      • setBrokerSequenceId

        public void setBrokerSequenceId​(long brokerSequenceId)
      • getDataLocator

        public Object getDataLocator()
        a locator which aids a message store in loading a message faster. Only used by the message stores.
      • setDataLocator

        public void setDataLocator​(Object value)
        Sets a locator which aids a message store in loading a message faster. Only used by the message stores.
      • getFutureOrSequenceLong

        public Object getFutureOrSequenceLong()
      • setFutureOrSequenceLong

        public void setFutureOrSequenceLong​(Object futureOrSequenceLong)
      • getEntryLocator

        public Object getEntryLocator()
      • setEntryLocator

        public void setEntryLocator​(Object entryLocator)
      • getPlistLocator

        public Object getPlistLocator()
      • setPlistLocator

        public void setPlistLocator​(Object plistLocator)