Class SubscriptionInfo

    • Constructor Detail

      • SubscriptionInfo

        public SubscriptionInfo()
      • SubscriptionInfo

        public SubscriptionInfo​(String clientId,
                                String subscriptionName)
    • Method Detail

      • getClientId

        public String getClientId()
      • setClientId

        public void setClientId​(String clientId)
      • getDestination

        public ActiveMQDestination getDestination()
        This is the a resolved destination that the subscription is receiving messages from. This will never be a pattern or a composite destination.
      • getSelector

        public String getSelector()
      • setSelector

        public void setSelector​(String selector)
      • getSubcriptionName

        public String getSubcriptionName()
      • setSubcriptionName

        public void setSubcriptionName​(String subscriptionName)
        subscriptionName - *
      • getSubscriptionName

        public String getSubscriptionName()
      • setSubscriptionName

        public void setSubscriptionName​(String subscriptionName)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • getSubscribedDestination

        public ActiveMQDestination getSubscribedDestination()
        The destination the client originally subscribed to.. This may not match the {@see getDestination} method if the subscribed destination uses patterns or composites. If the subscribed destinationis not set, this just ruturns the desitination.
      • setSubscribedDestination

        public void setSubscribedDestination​(ActiveMQDestination subscribedDestination)
      • isNoLocal

        public boolean isNoLocal()
      • setNoLocal

        public void setNoLocal​(boolean noLocal)