Class Main

  • public class Main
    extends Object
    Main class that can bootstrap an ActiveMQ broker console. Handles command line argument parsing to set up and run broker tasks.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Main

        public Main()
    • Method Detail

      • main

        public static void main​(String[] args)
      • parseExtensions

        public void parseExtensions​(List<String> tokens)
      • addExtensionDirectory

        public void addExtensionDirectory​(File directory)
      • addClassPathList

        public void addClassPathList​(String fileList)
      • addClassPath

        public void addClassPath​(File classpath)
      • canUseExtdir

        public boolean canUseExtdir()
        The extension directory feature will not work if the broker factory is already in the classpath since we have to load him from a child ClassLoader we build for it to work correctly.
        true, if extension dir can be used. false otherwise.
      • setActiveMQHome

        public void setActiveMQHome​(File activeMQHome)
      • getActiveMQHome

        public File getActiveMQHome()
      • getActiveMQBase

        public File getActiveMQBase()
      • getActiveMQConfig

        public File getActiveMQConfig()
      • getActiveMQDataDir

        public File getActiveMQDataDir()
      • getExtensionDirForLogging

        public String getExtensionDirForLogging()