Class ConnectionPool

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    public class ConnectionPool
    extends Object
    implements ExceptionListener
    Holds a real JMS connection along with the session pools associated with it.

    Instances of this class are shared amongst one or more PooledConnection object and must track the session objects that are loaned out for cleanup on close as well as ensuring that the temporary destinations of the managed Connection are purged when all references to this ConnectionPool are released.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ConnectionPool

        public ConnectionPool​(Connection connection)
    • Method Detail

      • setHasExpired

        public void setHasExpired​(boolean val)
      • unWrap

        protected void unWrap​(Connection connection)
      • getConnection

        public Connection getConnection()
      • close

        public void close()
      • incrementReferenceCount

        public void incrementReferenceCount()
      • decrementReferenceCount

        public void decrementReferenceCount()
      • expiredCheck

        public boolean expiredCheck()
        Determines if this Connection has expired.

        A ConnectionPool is considered expired when all references to it are released AND either the configured idleTimeout has elapsed OR the configured expiryTimeout has elapsed. Once a ConnectionPool is determined to have expired its underlying Connection is closed.

        true if this connection has expired.
      • getIdleTimeout

        public int getIdleTimeout()
      • setIdleTimeout

        public void setIdleTimeout​(int idleTimeout)
      • setExpiryTimeout

        public void setExpiryTimeout​(long expiryTimeout)
      • getExpiryTimeout

        public long getExpiryTimeout()
      • getMaximumActiveSessionPerConnection

        public int getMaximumActiveSessionPerConnection()
      • setMaximumActiveSessionPerConnection

        public void setMaximumActiveSessionPerConnection​(int maximumActiveSessionPerConnection)
      • isUseAnonymousProducers

        public boolean isUseAnonymousProducers()
      • setUseAnonymousProducers

        public void setUseAnonymousProducers​(boolean value)
      • getNumSessions

        public int getNumSessions()
        the total number of Pooled session including idle sessions that are not currently loaned out to any client.
      • getNumIdleSessions

        public int getNumIdleSessions()
        the total number of Sessions that are in the Session pool but not loaned out.
      • getNumActiveSessions

        public int getNumActiveSessions()
        the total number of Session's that have been loaned to PooledConnection instances.
      • setBlockIfSessionPoolIsFull

        public void setBlockIfSessionPoolIsFull​(boolean block)
        Configure whether the createSession method should block when there are no more idle sessions and the pool already contains the maximum number of active sessions. If false the create method will fail and throw an exception.
        block - Indicates whether blocking should be used to wait for more space to create a session.
      • isBlockIfSessionPoolIsFull

        public boolean isBlockIfSessionPoolIsFull()
      • getBlockIfSessionPoolIsFullTimeout

        public long getBlockIfSessionPoolIsFullTimeout()
        Returns the timeout to use for blocking creating new sessions
        true if the pooled Connection createSession method will block when the limit is hit.
        See Also:
      • setBlockIfSessionPoolIsFullTimeout

        public void setBlockIfSessionPoolIsFullTimeout​(long blockIfSessionPoolIsFullTimeout)
        Controls the behavior of the internal session pool. By default the call to Connection.getSession() will block if the session pool is full. This setting will affect how long it blocks and throws an exception after the timeout. The size of the session pool is controlled by the @see #maximumActive property. Whether or not the call to create session blocks is controlled by the @see #blockIfSessionPoolIsFull property
        blockIfSessionPoolIsFullTimeout - - if blockIfSessionPoolIsFullTimeout is true, then use this setting to configure how long to block before retry
      • isReconnectOnException

        public boolean isReconnectOnException()
        true if the underlying connection will be renewed on JMSException, false otherwise
      • setReconnectOnException

        public void setReconnectOnException​(boolean reconnectOnException)
        Controls weather the underlying connection should be reset (and renewed) on JMSException
        reconnectOnException - Boolean value that configures whether reconnect on exception should happen