Class GenericResourceManager

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    public class GenericResourceManager
    extends Object
    This class allows wiring the ActiveMQ broker and the Geronimo transaction manager in a way that will allow the transaction manager to correctly recover XA transactions. For example, it can be used the following way:
    • Constructor Detail

      • GenericResourceManager

        public GenericResourceManager()
    • Method Detail

      • recoverResource

        public void recoverResource()
      • getPassword

        public String getPassword()
      • setPassword

        public void setPassword​(String password)
      • getUserName

        public String getUserName()
      • setUserName

        public void setUserName​(String userName)
      • getResourceName

        public String getResourceName()
      • setResourceName

        public void setResourceName​(String resourceName)
      • setTransactionManager

        public void setTransactionManager​(TransactionManager transactionManager)
      • setConnectionFactory

        public void setConnectionFactory​(ConnectionFactory connectionFactory)