Class JNDIReferenceFactory

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    public class JNDIReferenceFactory
    extends Object
    implements ObjectFactory
    Converts objects implementing JNDIStorable into a property fields so they can be stored and regenerated from JNDI
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      • JNDIReferenceFactory

        public JNDIReferenceFactory()
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      • getObjectInstance

        public Object getObjectInstance​(Object object,
                                        Name name,
                                        Context nameCtx,
                                        Hashtable environment)
                                 throws Exception
        This will be called by a JNDIprovider when a Reference is retrieved from a JNDI store - and generates the original instance
        Specified by:
        getObjectInstance in interface ObjectFactory
        object - the Reference object
        name - the JNDI name
        nameCtx - the context
        environment - the environment settings used by JNDI
        the instance built from the Reference object
        Exception - if building the instance from Reference fails (usually class not found)