Class ConditionalNetworkBridgeFilterFactory

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class ConditionalNetworkBridgeFilterFactory
    extends Object
    implements NetworkBridgeFilterFactory
    implement conditional behavior for queue consumers, allows replaying back to origin if no consumers are present on the local broker after a configurable delay, irrespective of the TTL. Also allows rate limiting of messages through the network, useful for static includes
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConditionalNetworkBridgeFilterFactory

        public ConditionalNetworkBridgeFilterFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • setReplayWhenNoConsumers

        public void setReplayWhenNoConsumers​(boolean replayWhenNoConsumers)
      • isReplayWhenNoConsumers

        public boolean isReplayWhenNoConsumers()
      • setRateLimit

        public void setRateLimit​(int rateLimit)
      • getRateLimit

        public int getRateLimit()
      • getRateDuration

        public int getRateDuration()
      • setRateDuration

        public void setRateDuration​(int rateDuration)
      • getReplayDelay

        public int getReplayDelay()
      • setReplayDelay

        public void setReplayDelay​(int replayDelay)
      • setSelectorAware

        public void setSelectorAware​(boolean selectorAware)
      • isSelectorAware

        public boolean isSelectorAware()