Class ForwardingBridge

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class ForwardingBridge
    extends Object
    implements Service
    Forwards all messages from the local broker to the remote broker.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ForwardingBridge

        public ForwardingBridge​(Transport localBroker,
                                Transport remoteBroker)
    • Method Detail

      • serviceRemoteException

        public void serviceRemoteException​(Throwable error)
      • serviceRemoteCommand

        protected void serviceRemoteCommand​(Command command)
      • serviceLocalException

        public void serviceLocalException​(Throwable error)
      • serviceLocalCommand

        protected void serviceLocalCommand​(Command command)
      • getClientId

        public String getClientId()
      • setClientId

        public void setClientId​(String clientId)
      • getPrefetchSize

        public int getPrefetchSize()
      • setPrefetchSize

        public void setPrefetchSize​(int prefetchSize)
      • isDispatchAsync

        public boolean isDispatchAsync()
      • setDispatchAsync

        public void setDispatchAsync​(boolean dispatchAsync)
      • getDestinationFilter

        public String getDestinationFilter()
      • setDestinationFilter

        public void setDestinationFilter​(String destinationFilter)
      • setNetworkBridgeFailedListener

        public void setNetworkBridgeFailedListener​(NetworkBridgeListener listener)
      • getRemoteAddress

        public String getRemoteAddress()
      • getLocalAddress

        public String getLocalAddress()
      • getLocalBrokerName

        public String getLocalBrokerName()
      • getRemoteBrokerName

        public String getRemoteBrokerName()
      • getDequeueCounter

        public long getDequeueCounter()
      • getEnqueueCounter

        public long getEnqueueCounter()
      • setUseCompression

        public void setUseCompression​(boolean useCompression)
        useCompression - True if forwarded Messages should have their bodies compressed.
      • isUseCompression

        public boolean isUseCompression()
        the vale of the useCompression setting, true if forwarded messages will be compressed.