Class MultiSourceGenerator

    • Field Detail

      • manuallyMaintainedClasses

        protected Set<String> manuallyMaintainedClasses
      • destDir

        protected File destDir
      • destFile

        protected File destFile
      • jclass

        protected org.codehaus.jam.JClass jclass
      • superclass

        protected org.codehaus.jam.JClass superclass
      • simpleName

        protected String simpleName
      • className

        protected String className
      • baseClass

        protected String baseClass
    • Constructor Detail

      • MultiSourceGenerator

        public MultiSourceGenerator()
    • Method Detail

      • getProperties

        public List<org.codehaus.jam.JProperty> getProperties()
        Returns all the valid properties available on the current class
      • isValidClass

        protected boolean isValidClass​(org.codehaus.jam.JClass jclass)
      • processClass

        protected void processClass​(org.codehaus.jam.JClass jclass)
      • getBaseClassName

        protected String getBaseClassName​(org.codehaus.jam.JClass jclass)
      • getClassName

        protected String getClassName​(org.codehaus.jam.JClass jclass)
      • isAbstractClass

        public boolean isAbstractClass()
      • getAbstractClassText

        public String getAbstractClassText()
      • isMarshallerAware

        public boolean isMarshallerAware()
      • initialiseManuallyMaintainedClasses

        protected void initialiseManuallyMaintainedClasses()
      • getBaseClass

        public String getBaseClass()
      • setBaseClass

        public void setBaseClass​(String baseClass)
      • getClassName

        public String getClassName()
      • setClassName

        public void setClassName​(String className)
      • getDestDir

        public File getDestDir()
      • setDestDir

        public void setDestDir​(File destDir)
      • getDestFile

        public File getDestFile()
      • setDestFile

        public void setDestFile​(File destFile)
      • getJclass

        public org.codehaus.jam.JClass getJclass()
      • setJclass

        public void setJclass​(org.codehaus.jam.JClass jclass)
      • getManuallyMaintainedClasses

        public Set<String> getManuallyMaintainedClasses()
      • setManuallyMaintainedClasses

        public void setManuallyMaintainedClasses​(Set<String> manuallyMaintainedClasses)
      • getSimpleName

        public String getSimpleName()
      • setSimpleName

        public void setSimpleName​(String simpleName)
      • getSuperclass

        public org.codehaus.jam.JClass getSuperclass()
      • setSuperclass

        public void setSuperclass​(org.codehaus.jam.JClass superclass)