Class OpenWireGenerator

    • Field Detail

      • openwireVersion

        protected int openwireVersion
      • filePostFix

        protected String filePostFix
      • jam

        protected org.codehaus.jam.JamService jam
    • Constructor Detail

      • OpenWireGenerator

        public OpenWireGenerator()
    • Method Detail

      • isValidProperty

        public boolean isValidProperty​(org.codehaus.jam.JProperty it)
      • isCachedProperty

        public boolean isCachedProperty​(org.codehaus.jam.JProperty it)
      • isAbstract

        public boolean isAbstract​(org.codehaus.jam.JClass j)
      • isThrowable

        public boolean isThrowable​(org.codehaus.jam.JClass j)
      • isMarshallAware

        public boolean isMarshallAware​(org.codehaus.jam.JClass j)
      • getJam

        public org.codehaus.jam.JamService getJam()
      • getClasses

        public org.codehaus.jam.JamClassIterator getClasses()
      • getOpenwireVersion

        public int getOpenwireVersion()
      • setOpenwireVersion

        public void setOpenwireVersion​(int openwireVersion)
      • toCSharpType

        public String toCSharpType​(org.codehaus.jam.JClass type)
        Converts the Java type to a C# type name
      • getOpenWireOpCode

        public String getOpenWireOpCode​(org.codehaus.jam.JClass element)
      • stringValue

        protected String stringValue​(org.codehaus.jam.JAnnotation annotation,
                                     String name)
      • stringValue

        protected String stringValue​(org.codehaus.jam.JAnnotation annotation,
                                     String name,
                                     String defaultValue)
      • setJam

        public void setJam​(org.codehaus.jam.JamService jam)
      • decapitalize

        public String decapitalize​(String text)