Class SubQueueSelectorCacheBrokerPlugin

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class SubQueueSelectorCacheBrokerPlugin
    extends Object
    implements BrokerPlugin
    A plugin which allows the caching of the selector from a subscription queue.

    This stops the build-up of unwanted messages, especially when consumers may disconnect from time to time when using virtual destinations.

    This is influenced by code snippets developed by Maciej Rakowicz

    • Constructor Detail

      • SubQueueSelectorCacheBrokerPlugin

        public SubQueueSelectorCacheBrokerPlugin()
    • Method Detail

      • setPersistFile

        public void setPersistFile​(File persistFile)
        Sets the location of the persistent cache
      • getPersistFile

        public File getPersistFile()
      • isSingleSelectorPerDestination

        public boolean isSingleSelectorPerDestination()
      • setSingleSelectorPerDestination

        public void setSingleSelectorPerDestination​(boolean singleSelectorPerDestination)
      • getPersistInterval

        public long getPersistInterval()
      • setPersistInterval

        public void setPersistInterval​(long persistInterval)
      • isIgnoreWildcardSelectors

        public boolean isIgnoreWildcardSelectors()
      • setIgnoreWildcardSelectors

        public void setIgnoreWildcardSelectors​(boolean ignoreWildcardSelectors)