Class ActiveMQConnectionRequestInfo

    • Field Detail

      • log

        protected org.slf4j.Logger log
    • Constructor Detail

      • ActiveMQConnectionRequestInfo

        public ActiveMQConnectionRequestInfo()
    • Method Detail

      • isConnectionFactoryConfigured

        public boolean isConnectionFactoryConfigured()
        Returns true if this object will configure an ActiveMQConnectionFactory in any way
      • getServerUrl

        public String getServerUrl()
        Returns the url.
      • setServerUrl

        public void setServerUrl​(String url)
        url - The url to set.
      • getPassword

        public String getPassword()
        Returns the password.
      • setPassword

        public void setPassword​(String password)
        password - The password to set.
      • getUserName

        public String getUserName()
        Returns the userid.
      • setUserName

        public void setUserName​(String userid)
        userid - The userid to set.
      • getClientid

        public String getClientid()
        Returns the clientid.
      • setClientid

        public void setClientid​(String clientid)
        clientid - The clientid to set.
      • getTrustStore

        public String getTrustStore()
      • setTrustStore

        public void setTrustStore​(String trustStore)
      • getTrustStorePassword

        public String getTrustStorePassword()
      • setTrustStorePassword

        public void setTrustStorePassword​(String trustStorePassword)
      • getKeyStore

        public String getKeyStore()
      • setKeyStore

        public void setKeyStore​(String keyStore)
      • getKeyStorePassword

        public String getKeyStorePassword()
      • setKeyStorePassword

        public void setKeyStorePassword​(String keyStorePassword)
      • getKeyStoreKeyPassword

        public String getKeyStoreKeyPassword()
      • setKeyStoreKeyPassword

        public void setKeyStoreKeyPassword​(String keyStoreKeyPassword)
      • getUseInboundSession

        public Boolean getUseInboundSession()
      • setUseInboundSession

        public void setUseInboundSession​(Boolean useInboundSession)
      • isUseInboundSessionEnabled

        public boolean isUseInboundSessionEnabled()
      • getRedeliveryBackOffMultiplier

        public Double getRedeliveryBackOffMultiplier()
      • getInitialRedeliveryDelay

        public Long getInitialRedeliveryDelay()
      • getMaximumRedeliveryDelay

        public Long getMaximumRedeliveryDelay()
      • getMaximumRedeliveries

        public Integer getMaximumRedeliveries()
      • getRedeliveryUseExponentialBackOff

        public Boolean getRedeliveryUseExponentialBackOff()
      • setRedeliveryBackOffMultiplier

        public void setRedeliveryBackOffMultiplier​(Double value)
      • setInitialRedeliveryDelay

        public void setInitialRedeliveryDelay​(Long value)
      • setMaximumRedeliveryDelay

        public void setMaximumRedeliveryDelay​(Long value)
      • setMaximumRedeliveries

        public void setMaximumRedeliveries​(Integer value)
      • setRedeliveryUseExponentialBackOff

        public void setRedeliveryUseExponentialBackOff​(Boolean value)
      • getDurableTopicPrefetch

        public Integer getDurableTopicPrefetch()
      • getOptimizeDurableTopicPrefetch

        public Integer getOptimizeDurableTopicPrefetch()
      • getInputStreamPrefetch

        public Integer getInputStreamPrefetch()
      • getQueueBrowserPrefetch

        public Integer getQueueBrowserPrefetch()
      • getQueuePrefetch

        public Integer getQueuePrefetch()
      • getTopicPrefetch

        public Integer getTopicPrefetch()
      • setAllPrefetchValues

        public void setAllPrefetchValues​(Integer i)
      • setDurableTopicPrefetch

        public void setDurableTopicPrefetch​(Integer durableTopicPrefetch)
      • setOptimizeDurableTopicPrefetch

        public void setOptimizeDurableTopicPrefetch​(Integer optimizeDurableTopicPrefetch)
      • setQueueBrowserPrefetch

        public void setQueueBrowserPrefetch​(Integer queueBrowserPrefetch)
      • setQueuePrefetch

        public void setQueuePrefetch​(Integer queuePrefetch)
      • setTopicPrefetch

        public void setTopicPrefetch​(Integer topicPrefetch)
      • redeliveryPolicy

        public RedeliveryPolicy redeliveryPolicy()
        Returns the redelivery policy; not using bean properties to avoid breaking compatibility with JCA configuration in J2EE
      • prefetchPolicy

        public ActiveMQPrefetchPolicy prefetchPolicy()
        Returns the prefetch policy; not using bean properties to avoid breaking compatibility with JCA configuration in J2EE
      • isUseSessionArgs

        public boolean isUseSessionArgs()
      • getUseSessionArgs

        public Boolean getUseSessionArgs()
      • setUseSessionArgs

        public void setUseSessionArgs​(Boolean useSessionArgs)