Class InboundContextSupport

  • public final class InboundContextSupport
    extends Object
    A helper class used to provide access to the current active InboundContext instance being used to process a message in the current thread so that messages can be produced using the same session.
    • Method Detail

      • getActiveSessionAndProducer

        public static InboundContext getActiveSessionAndProducer()
        Returns the current InboundContext used by the current thread which is processing a message. This allows us to access the current Session to send a message using the same underlying session to avoid unnecessary XA or to use regular JMS transactions while using message driven POJOs.
      • unregister

        public static void unregister​(InboundContext sessionAndProducer)
        Unregisters the session and producer which should be called after the MessageEndpoint.afterDelivery() method is called.
        sessionAndProducer -