Class SimpleAuthenticationPlugin

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class SimpleAuthenticationPlugin
    extends Object
    implements BrokerPlugin
    A simple authentication plugin
    • Constructor Detail

      • SimpleAuthenticationPlugin

        public SimpleAuthenticationPlugin()
      • SimpleAuthenticationPlugin

        public SimpleAuthenticationPlugin​(List<?> users)
    • Method Detail

      • installPlugin

        public Broker installPlugin​(Broker parent)
        Description copied from interface: BrokerPlugin
        Installs the plugin into the interceptor chain of the broker, returning the new intercepted broker to use.
        Specified by:
        installPlugin in interface BrokerPlugin
      • setUsers

        public void setUsers​(List<?> users)
        Sets individual users for authentication
      • setAnonymousAccessAllowed

        public void setAnonymousAccessAllowed​(boolean anonymousAccessAllowed)
      • isAnonymousAccessAllowed

        public boolean isAnonymousAccessAllowed()
      • setAnonymousUser

        public void setAnonymousUser​(String anonymousUser)
      • getAnonymousUser

        public String getAnonymousUser()
      • setAnonymousGroup

        public void setAnonymousGroup​(String anonymousGroup)
      • getAnonymousGroup

        public String getAnonymousGroup()
      • setUserGroups

        public void setUserGroups​(Map<String,​Set<Principal>> userGroups)
        Sets the groups a user is in. The key is the user name and the value is a Set of groups
      • setUserPasswords

        public void setUserPasswords​(Map<String,​String> userPasswords)
        Sets the map indexed by user name with the value the password