Class SelectorParserTokenManager

    • Field Detail

      • debugStream

        public PrintStream debugStream
        Debug output.
      • jjstrLiteralImages

        public static final String[] jjstrLiteralImages
        Token literal values.
      • lexStateNames

        public static final String[] lexStateNames
        Lexer state names.
      • curChar

        protected char curChar
    • Constructor Detail

      • SelectorParserTokenManager

        public SelectorParserTokenManager​(SimpleCharStream stream)
      • SelectorParserTokenManager

        public SelectorParserTokenManager​(SimpleCharStream stream,
                                          int lexState)
    • Method Detail

      • setDebugStream

        public void setDebugStream​(PrintStream ds)
        Set debug output.
      • ReInit

        public void ReInit​(SimpleCharStream stream,
                           int lexState)
        Reinitialise parser.
      • SwitchTo

        public void SwitchTo​(int lexState)
        Switch to specified lex state.
      • jjFillToken

        protected Token jjFillToken()
      • getNextToken

        public Token getNextToken()
        Get the next Token.