Class SpringSslContext

  • public class SpringSslContext
    extends SslContext
    Extends the SslContext so that it's easier to configure from spring.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SpringSslContext

        public SpringSslContext()
    • Method Detail

      • afterPropertiesSet

        public void afterPropertiesSet()
                                throws Exception
      • getTrustStoreType

        public String getTrustStoreType()
      • getKeyStoreType

        public String getKeyStoreType()
      • getKeyStore

        public String getKeyStore()
      • getTrustStore

        public String getTrustStore()
      • getKeyStoreAlgorithm

        public String getKeyStoreAlgorithm()
      • setKeyStoreAlgorithm

        public void setKeyStoreAlgorithm​(String keyAlgorithm)
      • getTrustStoreAlgorithm

        public String getTrustStoreAlgorithm()
      • setTrustStoreAlgorithm

        public void setTrustStoreAlgorithm​(String trustAlgorithm)
      • getKeyStoreKeyPassword

        public String getKeyStoreKeyPassword()
      • setKeyStoreKeyPassword

        public void setKeyStoreKeyPassword​(String keyPassword)
      • getKeyStorePassword

        public String getKeyStorePassword()
      • setKeyStorePassword

        public void setKeyStorePassword​(String keyPassword)
      • getTrustStorePassword

        public String getTrustStorePassword()
      • setTrustStorePassword

        public void setTrustStorePassword​(String trustPassword)
      • setKeyStoreType

        public void setKeyStoreType​(String keyType)
      • setTrustStoreType

        public void setTrustStoreType​(String trustType)
      • getSecureRandomAlgorithm

        public String getSecureRandomAlgorithm()
      • setSecureRandomAlgorithm

        public void setSecureRandomAlgorithm​(String secureRandomAlgorithm)
      • getCrlPath

        public String getCrlPath()
      • setCrlPath

        public void setCrlPath​(String crlPath)