Class JournalPersistenceAdapterFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • JournalPersistenceAdapterFactory

        public JournalPersistenceAdapterFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • getJournalLogFiles

        public int getJournalLogFiles()
      • setJournalLogFiles

        public void setJournalLogFiles​(int journalLogFiles)
        Sets the number of journal log files to use
      • getJournalLogFileSize

        public int getJournalLogFileSize()
      • setJournalLogFileSize

        public void setJournalLogFileSize​(int journalLogFileSize)
        Sets the size of the journal log files When set using Xbean, values of the form "20 Mb", "1024kb", and "1g" can be used
      • isUseJournal

        public boolean isUseJournal()
      • getCheckpointInterval

        public long getCheckpointInterval()
      • setCheckpointInterval

        public void setCheckpointInterval​(long checkpointInterval)
      • setUseJournal

        public void setUseJournal​(boolean useJournal)
        Enables or disables the use of the journal. The default is to use the journal
        useJournal -
      • isUseDedicatedTaskRunner

        public boolean isUseDedicatedTaskRunner()
      • setUseDedicatedTaskRunner

        public void setUseDedicatedTaskRunner​(boolean useDedicatedTaskRunner)
      • setTaskRunnerFactory

        public void setTaskRunnerFactory​(TaskRunnerFactory taskRunnerFactory)
      • setJournal

        public void setJournal​(org.apache.activeio.journal.Journal journal)
      • getJournalArchiveDirectory

        public File getJournalArchiveDirectory()
      • setJournalArchiveDirectory

        public void setJournalArchiveDirectory​(File journalArchiveDirectory)
      • isUseQuickJournal

        public boolean isUseQuickJournal()
      • setUseQuickJournal

        public void setUseQuickJournal​(boolean useQuickJournal)
        Enables or disables the use of quick journal, which keeps messages in the journal and just stores a reference to the messages in JDBC. Defaults to false so that messages actually reside long term in the JDBC database.
      • setAdapter

        public void setAdapter​(JDBCAdapter adapter)
      • getStatements

        public Statements getStatements()
      • setStatements

        public void setStatements​(Statements statements)
      • setUseDatabaseLock

        public void setUseDatabaseLock​(boolean useDatabaseLock)
        Sets whether or not an exclusive database lock should be used to enable JDBC Master/Slave. Enabled by default.
      • isCreateTablesOnStartup

        public boolean isCreateTablesOnStartup()
      • setCreateTablesOnStartup

        public void setCreateTablesOnStartup​(boolean createTablesOnStartup)
        Sets whether or not tables are created on startup
      • getJournalThreadPriority

        public int getJournalThreadPriority()
      • setJournalThreadPriority

        public void setJournalThreadPriority​(int journalThreadPriority)
        Sets the thread priority of the journal thread